While you may be unable to locate a Huper Optik Performa review by window tint industry insiders, you can find plenty of comments on the high-performance window film among comments posted online by customers. Go no further than Huper Optik’s Facebook page for its United States operations. “Believe it or not, I can drive through the (San Fernando Valley) on an Indian Summer afternoon with no AC in a Huper’d out car,” wrote a customer in September 2013. More specific to the Performa line: Johnny01 from Norcross, Georgia, wrote here, “I wanted legal, but to look as dark as possible. I ended up with the Performa and it looks amazing.”

To the Point with a Huper Optik Performa review

Some offering Huper Optik Performa review insight were to the point. “I was extremely happy with the way my tints came out. Went with the Performa 45. Couldn’t be happier with the tint job,” wrote Anshuman B. from San Diego in this forum. Performa window tint films are a great selection for car owners looking for high performance to go along with great value. Performa films deliver up to 65 percent heat-rejection levels, and reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which are known to cause skin cancer.

Input about Durability Coming Soon

Pay attention to durability in Huper Optik Performa review comments. If there’s not much now, it’s coming as car owners leave the films on their vehicles over the years. The long-term savings are significant when you factor in not having to replace the window film after only a few years, plus the energy consumption savings by not having to run your air-conditioning unit as much. The spectral-filtering layer on the Performa films provides punch in the protection category, and a scratch-resistant coating protects from dangers not caused by the sun.

Huper Optik Performa Window Tints by the Data

The Huper Optik Performa window tints carry Visible Light Transmission (VLT) levels ranging from 5 to 70 percent. Each tint choice in the line is named per the VLT such as Performa 05, or Performa 70. The films’ Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) figures are strong, from the 65 percent for those with the Performa 05 to let almost no light pass through (aka a “limo tint”), to 34 percent for the Performa 70. The amount of solar energy blocked is up to customers, who can choose how much light energy to go through the film and glass.

Rejecting IR Rays, Looking Great and More

Huper Optik Performa reviews to date have not noted the films’ great ability to reject infra-red rays (IR rays). Perhaps it’s because IR rays do not command the headlines of ultraviolet rays, which are branded into our consciousness with every purchase of sunblock. But IR rays are not healthy in big doses, and the Performa films carry IR rejection rates of 47 to 69 percent. True blue-grey color tones deliver a wonderful aesthetic look to the exterior of cars, and the films are backed by ironclad warranties. For more information about Performa Series films contact us at (424) 732-9080 Learn how quality window tints can improve car, home, business, or boat.