The five window tints in the Huper Optik Performa lineup reject up to 65 percent of total solar energy (TSER) and provide car owners with a color tone and good bang for the buck for such a high-quality film. Ask industry insiders and they’re likely to say the Huper Optik Performa Series window films offer the best quality when you consider every angle: price, performance, aesthetics and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Like many Huper Optik car window tint products the Performa films are available in a range separated by visible light transmission (VLT), which means how much light energy is allowed to pass through to interiors.

‘Spectral’ Technology and Style Involved

Many car owners turn to the company website for details into the Huper Optik Performa window tints. Aside from noting a hybrid spectral filtering technology that helps the films reach up to a 65 percent TSER figure, company marketing content indicates the films are boosted with a nod to style. “Enhanced with a true-grey color tone to give your vehicle the ultimate in aesthetic look and high performance,” they say. The Performa tints are available in a variety of shades and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Huper Optik Performa Window Tints by the Numbers

Huper Optik Performa window films have a VLT ranging from 5 to 70 percent; each line is named according to the VLT such as Performa 05 or Performa 70. The Total Solar Energy Rejected figures are solid, from the 65 percent for those who choose the Performa 05 to let hardly any light pass through (called a “limo tint”), to the 34 percent for the Performa 70. How much solar energy gets blocked is entirely up to customers, who must choose how much light energy to pass through the film and glass. Sometimes that’s a matter of aesthetics, other times it involves privacy or protection levels.

Robust Infra-Red Rejection Rates

Infra-red protection is also a big part of the Huper Optik Performa performance data. Infra-red rays (IR rays) from the sun are annoying to the skin, not entirely dangerous on their own (as opposed to ultraviolet rays which are known to cause skin cancer); but IR rays are suspected of laying foundation for other sun rays to cause cancer and other problems. The Huper Optik Performa window films have infra-red rejection rates of 47 to 69 percent. These are robust sun-energy rejection levels. As with most Huper Optik window tints the Performa tints block more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays).

Summary of the Huper Optik Performa Tints

If you had to succinctly describe the Huper Optik Performa window tints, you could say they are for car owners who seek high performance and great value. Seems a common desire, but easier said than done for window film manufacturers. It could be called a Holy Grail for window tint producers to meet; and Huper Optik has come close with the Performa films. There’s also durability to consider, and Performa films include a scratch-resistant outer coating, helping ensure your window tint will continue to look great for as long as you own the vehicle. For more information call us at (424) 732-9080 and learn more about the Huper Optik Performa films and Select Series options. Discover what quality window tints can do for your car, home, business, or boat.