If you’re on the hunt for one of Huper Optik’s top, trusted tints, the Autobahn Performa series is calling out to you! Employing a special hybrid spectral filtering technology, the Performa film rejects up to 65% total solar energy and 99.9% of UV rays, which keeps your car cool by barring out harmful rays which penetrating your vehicle’s windows to create unwanted heat.

Reducing solar energy penetration means saving energy and fuel, providing a sustained return on your initial investment. It also ensures the driver is protected from harmful, cancer causing UV-rays, and the interior of the vehicle is less in danger of falling victim to the damaging effects of fading due to prolonged sun exposure.

While the whole Huper Optik range of series are impressive in their performance, the Performa Series offers the best quality in terms of price, performance, aesthetics, and protection for your vehicle. This especially remarkable film offers a gorgeous, European style true-grey color, adorning your auto with an air of professional sophistication and timeless style, which compliments sports car just as well as it does a sedan.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, Huper Optik promises no discoloration from the sun’s rays during the life of the product. An extra bonus – the Performa sports a scratch-resistant outer coat.

Come into WindowTintz to find out what Huper Optik’s Performa Series can do for your car! We serve the Southern California area and are experts in meeting the requirements and tint restrictions within our locale.