According to the Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends 101 minutes driving each day. If you meet this typical stat, why not improve your comfort, energy-efficiency, and the appearance of this vehicle in which you may be spending a total of 37,935 hours during your lifetime? When making an investment into your vehicle’s solar control, quality is king.

Equipped with a lifetime warranty, the Huper Optik range of tinting products offer pinnacle performance, ideal aesthetics, and comfort control to enhance your ride, satiate your requirements, and exceed expectations. In addition to improving your drive experience during those 101 minutes each day, you’ll also be investing in extending the life of your vehicle’s interior, reducing the harmful effects of the sun, cutting down on excessive heat, and reducing fuel consumption that would be used for excessive climate control.

As experienced dealers, we will show you swatches and discuss which auto tint will best meet your needs as well as taste, and we will also inform you about the tint laws within the state of California to ensure the result is up to code and meets legal requirements/restrictions. We carry a diverse array of the Huper Optik series, the leading line of tints for both appearance and quality.

We make certain that you are pleased with your investment, and assist you in achieving the greatest result on your budget. We strive fro absolute perfection on every vehicle we tint, and our expert film installers achieve the ideal result every time.

For a quote on what we can achieve within your financial plan, contact the WindowTintz team today and we’ll make an assessment on the Huper Optik price point for your individual tinting targets.