Houston locals are no stranger to the displeasure that is coming home to an overheated house, stepping into a scalding hot car, or squinting all day at the computer screen as the sun beats down into the office. If you’re steaming with frustration, it’s time to take a turn towards tinting. With a high-grade tint, you can dramatically improve and enhance your experience in your office, home, automobile – even your boat – by barring out solar energy and damaging UV-rays. And on the tint landscape, the top brand with the most advanced technology and performance specs goes to Huper Optik.

Founded in 1998, Huper Optik revolutionized tinting with their patented nanotechnology in window films. With the goal to protect customers from the suns harmful UV rays, reduce energy waste, and provide a green solution for energy savings, Huper Optik’s products have grown and developed to consistently out-perform competing brands with stellar specs.

The Huper Optik nanotechnology tinting gives your windows – whether in their residential, commercial, or automotive applications – a sleek, European look to enhance the overall aesthetics, increases the longevity of interiors by reducing the risk of fading, improves optics without sacrificing brightness, and aids in maintaining a comfortable climate by solar energy that builds up and creates excessive heat and scorching temperatures. By reducing solar penetration, you’ll require less energy and fuel to sustain an ideal internal temperature, as well as protect those inside from harmful, cancer-causing UV-rays.

Because Houston locals face so many extreme temperatures, it is imperative to have a product that is durable and can handle the weather variations. With Huper Optik’s warranties, you can be certain your investment will be protected for years – if not a lifetime. This warranty also supports their claim that their products will not discolor in their product life, and will not degrade in terms of performance quality.

Check out the Huper Optik collection of series on our site to see the individual specs for each tint, and pop into Window Tint Z for a consultation and learn more about why Huper Optik is the favorite tint amongst our customers and staff.