Huper Optik Automotive Window Films: At the Cutting Edge of Car Window Tints

Huper Optik is a German-originated company making consistent strides in the ever-evolving industry of applying car window tint. The self-described “world leader in nano ceramic window films,” Huper Optik films are preferred by top window tint installation companies, and auto enthusiasts alike. A common theme seen in the company’s marketing are the terms “technology” and “patented technology.” The science applied by Huper Optik differentiates its window tint films from alternatives. The products’ ability to deflect heat away from your car’s interior has been noticed by true car lovers. “I’ve had the Huper Optik tint on three prior cars, and absolutely LOVED its heat resistance,” wrote one reviewer on

Huper Optik Window Films and Nanotechnology

About the window tint technology angle that Huper Optik promotes. Much involves what is called nanotechnology, which for window tint film involves strategically applying nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are tiny pieces of inorganic materials, very small but not quite at the molecular level. Huper Optik has figured out how to disperse nanoparticles in its films to best bounce away the sun’s ultraviolet rays (often just called UV rays), infra-red (IR) and visible light. Nanotechnology is so good at this that around the world scientists are excited about its potential to assist with space exploration. In fact, that’s a reason Huper Optik got involved with the auto window tint industry.

Huper Optik Tint Review
Huper Optik Tint Review – Compare Huper Optik Xtreme, Ceramic and Select Series Window Films

Founded to Meet the Needs of Sun Protection and Energy Savings

According to the Huper Optik website, “Huper Optik USA was founded in 1998, out of a need to provide an energy saving technology that would protect consumers from harmful UV rays, and provide a green solution for energy savings.” Those really in the know about car window tinting are aware of the company’s technology as it applies to space exploration. As written on the Window Tintz website, “The Select Series by Huper Optik engages highly specialized reflective technology that, interestingly, was developed for a NASA space shuttle. This selective technology is known as Nano Technology and was developed to protect the windshield of a space shuttle upon entry into the atmosphere, without too much impact on the visibility for the pilot.” If it’s good enough for a space shuttle pilot, imagine what it can do for a car driver.

Huper Optik Tint Review
Huper Optik Tint Review – Compare Huper Optik Xtreme, Ceramic and Select Series Window Films

The 3 Window Tint Film Series by Huper Optik

The Select Series is one of three families of car window tint films offered by Huper Optik. The Select Series applies high-performance precious metals, available in natural tones for aesthetic appeal, to let in enough light while still rejecting the most heat possible. The Ceramic Series utilizes what is called Nano-Ceramic technology and is about the strongest-performing window tint film available. A benefit of ceramic window tint film is it does not interfere with wireless or radio waves like other films can. This is attractive for motorists who engage high-tech gadgets in their cars like mobile phones, satellite radio, keyless entry, GPS, etc. The Xtreme Optics Series blends the technology with style, with an eye on affordability. The dye-stable film is guaranteed not to fade and is offered in 5 different colors.

Window Tintz and Huper Optik for Lifetime Window Tint Services

Window Tintz only offers high-quality window tint films, for many reasons among them our offering of a lifetime warranty. We demand that the window tint film we put on cars will last a lifetime, and Hüper Optik Automotive Window Films fit the bill. On top of the performance – improving comfort of riding inside a vehicle – Huper Optik window films protect the life of the car’s interior, avoid fading or discoloring, and help with driving by reducing glare and protecting the skin and eyes from harmful sun rays. Long-term, Huper Optik films keep the car interior cooler and thus reduce fuel consumption because air conditioning units can be left alone more often. Looks-wise, your car’s exterior appearance will improve with what is called a “classic European look.” Window Tintz is a Huper Optik dealer servicing the Greater Los Angeles area and all of Southern California.