If you speak with enough automotive experts on the topic of window tinting, you will soon enough notice a recurring theme: most of them will agree that Huper Optik window tint is the industry’s gold standard option. And the standard-bearing line of products within the Huper Optik brand is their automotive nano-ceramic window tint.

While all nano-ceramic window films Huper Optik creates offerΒ the same sought-after qualities, such as rejection of solar heat that allows for a cooler vehicle interior, blocking of harmful and damaging UV rays, and added privacy without any reduction in clarity of view from within a car, within the Ceramic Series of window filmsΒ are a number of different variations of tint.

Huper Optik automotive window tints block an average of 96% of the sun’s hot infrared rays and reject as much as 99% of the damaging UV light. They reduce interior temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and are guaranteed not to fade or discolor for the life of your automobile.

Depending both on the vehicle window tint regulations that govern your area and the customized look and function you want from your car, you can enjoy privacy ranging from a slightly impeded view of those outside your car looking in to total ostensible opacity from external views. Huper Optik window tints vary in degrees of visible light transfer and glare reduction, so you can choose a tint plan that suits the climate in which you live, from sunny desert to often overcast coastline and anywhere in between.

Regardless of which Huper Optik vehicle window film you choose, you are guaranteed to get a spectrally selective tint that allows visible light in, blocks infrared and ultraviolet light, cools your car’s cabin, and reduces the glare of the sunshine and headlights. You can also rest assured that these films will make your car, truck, or SUV look more handsome than ever.