The Huper Optik xtreme series of window films by the Germany-originated company aims to improve the exterior appearance of your cars or structures. That is, its primary objective is to make windows look better – as opposed some of Huper Optik’s other window film offerings that are aggressive in terms of protection and/or durability. Compared with most other window film series by Huper Optik, the Huper Optik xtreme series’ 5 window film products present options for aesthetics and affordability. These are strong commercial offerings by Huper Optik. After all, who doesn’t want their car or structure to look better?

Add Sophisticated Style to Your Property with Huper Optik xtreme Films

“A blend of sophisticated style” is how the company’s website describes the Huper Optik xtreme window films. Then again, it also follows it by stating, “… with a budget in mind.” Compared with other dye stabled window films out there, which often are multi-ply, the Huper Optik xtreme series films are single-paned indicating the company’s confidence in the science applied to the Huper Optik xtreme window films. They are offered in 5 different visible light transmission (VLT) options so motorists can be sure their vehicles are legal wherever they have the Huper Optik xtreme films applied.

Huper Optik xtreme Window Films Still Provide Protection

Yet the Huper Optik xtreme window films still pack plenty of punch when it comes to providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays – ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that are harmful to our health, or infra-red rays (IR rays) that harm the eyes and heat up our skin to unhealthy levels. The Huper Optik xtreme films reject more than 99 percent of UV rays. (The IR rays data had yet to be tallied on the Huper Optik website). The total solar energy rejected (TSER) ranges from 26 to 40 percent depending on which VLT option you select among the Huper Optik xtreme window films.

Five Options to Let in the Light with the Xtreme Series Films

The Huper Optik xtreme series offers window films named in accordance with their VLT, that is, how much light each lets pass through into interiors. They are known as the Optiks 5, Optiks 20, Optiks 35, Optiks 40 and Optiks 55. The Optiks 5, for instance, as a VLT of 5 percent, meaning that particular Huper Optik xtreme film lets that amount of visible light penetrate. Some people choose a lighter VLT because they want the protection from the sun’s rays that each of the 5 window film products provide, but still want their interiors illuminated by natural light.

More on Huper Optik xtreme Window Films’ Protective Qualities

Huper Optik markets the Xtreme Optiks Series window films by noting that they help protect against fading damage to the interiors of cars, homes and other properties with windows to be tinted; they are durable and color-stable; and they hold windows together in the case of vandalism or accidental breakage. Another benefit to the Huper Optik xtreme window films is reducing glare; the 5 window films in the series carry a glare-reduction percentage of 44 to 91 percent. For more information about the Huper Optik xtreme series window films, please contact one of our experienced professionals today. We do window tinting and window film installations for Homes, Offices, Cars and Boats.