With a Huper Optik xtreme tint for your car, home or other property, you’re probably getting about the best bang for your buck as possible in terms of window film. The Germany-originated company touts that the Xtreme films provide “A blend of sophisticated style with a budget in mind.” The sophistication is almost a given, considering Huper Optik’s establishment in the industry for engaging high technology and advancements to their window film products. Huper Optik’s films also have been lauded for providing a European aesthetic when applied to cars. It’s with the affordability that Extreme Optiks Series films differ from typical Huper Optik offerings.

Adding Style with a Huper Optik xtreme Tint

A Huper Optik xtreme tint application can add pizazz to any window, without breaking the bank. Overall the company’s window films are not the lowest-priced window tint products on the market. Many brands, in fact, offer tints at much lower rates. However, understand that with window tint you face a diminishing return on the investment right off the bat because most films fade, crack or peel over time. Huper Optik window tints are guaranteed last for as long as you own your car, with no perceptible reduction in quality. It’s a stance backed by the company’s ironclad warranty.

Huper Optik xtreme Tint Known to Last

Durability and stability are hallmarks for the Huper Optik xtreme tint products. What the company calls its dye stable film is assured to not fade or change colors like too many inferior window tint films. The Huper Optik xtreme films are offered in 5 different visible light transmission options, from 5 percent to 55 percent. The percentages indicate how much light the window tint will let pass through the glass into interiors of cars, homes and other properties with windows. Even when customers choose the 55 percent VLT option, the Xtreme Optiks Series window films provide plenty of protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

A Wise Investment for Your Interiors

Applying a Huper Optik xtreme tint means an investment not just in the film itself, but in protecting items inside cars and structures. In a car this means increasing the longevity of your vehicle’s interior, by preventing harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) from fading, drying or cracking materials. In a home or office thing drapes, carpets, couches and more. A Huper Optik xtreme tint rejects more than 99 percent of UV rays, and the Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) ranges from 26 to 40 percent depending the VLT option selected. These films also provide a layer of strength to windows, which adds safety in case of vandalism or accidental glass breakage.

Summary for the Huper Optik xtreme Tint

Getting a Huper Optik xtreme tint means getting a high level of quality on your windows, at a decent price. It also means adding a touch of style to your car, home or wherever else the window films can be applied. They are offered in a range of visible light transmission levels so you can choose just how much light will pass into interiors. A Huper Optik xtreme tint also will reduce glare, from 44 to 91 percent depending on the option selected. For more information about the Huper Optik xtreme series window films, please contact one of our experienced professionals today. We do window tinting and window film installations for Homes, Offices, Cars and Boats.