One of the most trusted names in the tinting market, Huper Optik is often flagged as being on the higher end of tints available today. With their advanced German technology protected by patents, the Huper Optik team developed the Xtreme series to provide customers with the top quality sophisticated style with a budget in mind – offering a perfect blend of aesthetic and affordability. The dye stable film of the Xtreme series is guaranteed not to fade or change colors in its lifetime.

Offered in 5 different visible light transmission options, you can be certain that the film will not interfere with radio frequencies, will protect against fading damage to interiors, is durable and stable, and even offers an extra shield of protection against the elements, as well as theft attempts.

See the table below to understand the varying levels of the Xtreme series:

VLT – Visible Light Transmission
IR Rej – Infrared Rejection
VLR – Visible Light Reflection
UV Rej – Ultraviolet Rejection
SC – Shading Coefficient
TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejected
SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Glare Red – Glare Reduction

Providing a color match to most factory tints, you can rest assured that the performance and the facade of the Huper Optik Xtreme product will be a worthy investment and auto enhancement on a budget. Visit an authorized Huper Optik dealer to discuss the Xtreme series, as well as other Huper Optik products that may suit you and your vehicle within your budgetary constraints.