Dekorativ Series


Hüper Optik Dekorativ films can provide your home or office a fresh and amazing new look and feel to your environment. These films are made from a polyester based material that mirrors the appearance of etched glass. Huper Optik Dekorativ films applied to your entry doors, bathroom doors and windows, office glass, restaurant, hospitality or healthcare glass for privacy and/or decoration can make a significant difference in ambiance, and look for your commercial or home environment.

Residential Decorative Frost Window Film

Decorative frost window film offers two distinct benefits for the residential property. First, this attractive window film can enhance the appearance of a home, adding character and elegance and updating the property’s aesthetics in much the same manner as a fresh coat of paint. Second, residential frost window tint creates perfect privacy, fulling blocking the view through a window both day and night.

While many residential privacy window tints block the view into a home during the daylight hours, after the sun sets, they allow a view into the residence, especially when artificial light is being used inside. Decorative frost window film cannot be seen through regardless of the exterior or interior lighting conditions, so it always creates privacy. Yet this window film still lets natural light pass through, so your home will remain bright and inviting following the installation of frost window tint; it will simply be more private.

As for aesthetic enhancement, decorative frost window film is available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose a classic white frost window tint or create the look of etched glass. Some frost window films have intricate designs, while others approximate the look of a metallic finish. You will surely find a residential decorative frost window film that will perfectly suit the appearance of your home.

If privacy is the primary motivation for adding window tinting to a home, often homeowners (or property managers) will choose to use a mix of one-way privacy window tint and frost window film. That way they can preserve the view out through certain windows during the daylight hours while blocking the view through other windows fully both night and day, an ideal choice for the windows of a bathroom, bedroom, or other private space.

Commercial Decorative Frost Window Film

Commercial decorative frost window film offers multiple enhancements to a business location, with two standout benefits worth noting above all others: frost window tint adds privacy without reducing light, and it improves aesthetics without impacting a property’s overall appearance.

Decorative frost films can be applied to almost any glass windows, doors, or walls, whether they are on the exterior of a building, the walls of an interior space like a conference room or lobby, or for cubicle or dining booth partitions, escalator siding, and more. In short, wherever a commercial location features glass, the decorative frosted glass look can be achieved.

Decorate frost window film for commercial locations comes in several different looks and styles. These include the appearance of etched glass, sandblasted glass, or solid white, to name just a few. There are textured, tinted, and patterned frost window films, and there are frost tints that create varying degrees of privacy.

Many types of commercial properties can benefit from frost window film, enjoying the enhanced privacy and style this specialty product adds.

Street level offices with windows that can be looked through by passing pedestrians or motorists can be disconcerting for employees, but closing the blinds and relying on electric lights can create a less productive atmosphere than an office filled with sunlight. Frost window film for offices is thus a great choice for the legal practice, the startup, the medical offices, or any other business with windows fronting streets and/or sidewalks.

Certain other locations that are open to the public yet which still merit discretion include gyms, banks, certain types of lobbies, clothing shops, and more; few people relish the idea of a passerby gawking at them while they exercise, conduct financial business, try on clothing, or check into a hotel room; frost window film for commercial locations such as these preserves the bright and inviting sunlight as well as the privacy and discretion of a client or customer.

Dekorativ Series Benefits:

Produces decoratively enhanced interiors on glassed areas

Provides light and glare control

Privacy between glassed areas for separation of work areas & conference rooms

  Thickness VLT% Visible Reflectance (interior) Visible Reflectance (exterior) SC SHGC TSER % UVLR % Glare Reduction %
Frost 2mil 73% 20% 26% 0.86 0.75 25% 99% 19%
Dusted Crystal 3mil 89% 12% 9% 0.98 0.85 15% 70% 2%
White Out 3mil 16% 83% 85% 0.29 0.25 75% 99% 82%
Matte Black 2mil 0% 7% 9% 0.35 0.30 70% 99% 100%

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