This location definitely feels like a small operation trying to get traction, in the best possible way. I called ahead to make an appointment, and was able to get in on Saturday. Be advised, the woman on the phone was not located at the shop, and gave me a quote based on the cheapest tint they offer. Upon showing up, I will say I got up-sold a bit from the price I was expecting. However, I knew I wanted the best tint they had to offer, so I accepted the price increase from $350 to ~$550. They started in right away, while I waited in their small but well-equipped lobby area. They have a Keurig machine and a large TV for which they will give the remote to the customer. Halfway through the operation, I was called out to look at a problem. The old and pitted glass of my 2001 GTI windshield had cracked when the technician was trying to remove the rear-view mirror. The guys were quick to explain that they were going to call in for a new windshield for me and it would be replaced, free of charge. Apparently they have insurance for instances like this. I ended up spending more time and money than I had thought based on my phone conversation (there must be some way to have a guy at the location answer the phone and do the quoting, right?), BUT I got out of it with a brand-new pit-free windshield and a fantastic tint job, all in one day. The tint they use, seriously, is no joke. Even on very hot days now, I can get the car down to a nice cold temperature and turn the AC to low. The sun doesn’t heat up the car at all once it’s cool inside. The look of it (from inside and outside) is also very clean and nice. They were cool guys about everything and gave me complimentary Window TintZ swag to boot. I’m satisfied.

Yelp Review from Nelson D. of Los Angeles, California
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