Pasadena, California sits at the edge of the San Fernando Valley. The city is home to some of the most elegant and classic homes in all of Southern California, and also boasts many of the finest art museums, restaurants, and other attractions to be found in Los Angeles County. With views of the Angeles Mountains to the south and west, the San Bernardino Mountains to the north, and with streets lined with palms and evergreens, Pasadena is truly a wonderful place to call home. But it can also be an expensive place to call home.

Housing prices in Pasadena have only gone up in recent years, and that’s a trend unlikely to slacken any time in the near future. People who already own homes in Pasadena know they are lucky to do so, and most people will be reluctant to part with real estate in the area. If you have just bought into the local real estate market or if you have long owned a residence here that you now want to improve, one of the most affordable updates you can make is to install residential window tint in Pasadena properties.

Residential window film is one of the few home improvement products that is not only affordable, but is in fact an investment that promises enough returns to pay for itself over time. Pasadena sees several months of elevated temperatures every year, with the thermometer regularly passing the 90-degree mark in the summer. The ambient outdoor temperature will start to drive up indoor temperatures as soon as the sun has risen. And as HVAC costs account for more than half of most residential power bills, the hotter the weather, the more expensive your home is to keep cool and livable.

Window film keeps your Pasadena home cooler by blocking out most of the sun’s warming near infrared solar energy, preventing interior heat gain and thus reducing the need for power-draining air conditioners to run. Window tinting also adds another layer of insulation to the windows, allowing a single pane window to offer the same level of insulating ability as a double pane energy efficient window. And having window film applied to your Pasadena home costs less than ten percent the price of replacing the windows. Most homeowners who choose solar control window tint see their break even point (the amount of money they save in reduced electrical costs surpassing the price of window tint installation) in about two years; replacing the actual windows would take ten to fifteen years to cover costs.