Why You Should Get a Clear Bra to Protect Your Car

Getting a clear bra in Longwood, FL is a hard decision because it’s quite an investment for just a layer of plastic.  However, that layer of plastic is there to save you from having to repair your car’s paint job regularly.

Getting a clear car bra will save your car’s paint job from bumps, scratches, and loose debris.  A lot of businesses in Longwood rely on transportation, as it is smack in the center of Florida.

If you’re relying on a car for your business, chances are, that the amount of traveling you do is a threat to your car’s paint. Paint jobs cost a lot, especially for certain kinds of cars. If you want to save money on repairs, getting a layer of paint protection is the way to go. But how should you go about getting your car a clear bra?

The Pros of Hiring a Service to Install Your Car Clear Bra

The most obvious way to get your protective film is to hire a service to install your clear bra in Longwood, FL. There are several services in Longwood, and they’re easy to find with a quick Google search. This way, you can get your car wrapped up by a professional with a firm grasp of how to handle the material needed.

Professionals understand how much water-and-alcohol-solution to use, how much to stretch or cut the plastic, and how to apply the clear auto bra over different kinds of complicated car hoods. The easiest and fastest way to install your clear bra is to get a professional to do it.

The Cons of Hiring a Service to Install Your Car Clear Bra

Like I said, getting a clear bra in Longwood, FL is an investment. It can cost 900 to 2500 dollars depending on what kind of car you have and what service you hire. Also, even clear bras need to be replaced every couple of years to keep from yellowing or turning opaque, even with good care.

A lot of money spent on hiring services again and again could be saved if you learned how to do it yourself. Even if you do take care of your professionally installed clear plastic bra, some services don’t know that you still have to add another layer of protection to keep bird droppings and tree saps from dissolving through the plastic and getting to your car. If the service you hired doesn’t do this, you’ll have to dish out the money even more often than expected.

The Pros of Installing a Car Clear Bra By Yourself

With that being said, you might opt for the most reasonable paint protection film cost by learning to DIY the installation of your clear bra in Longwood, FL.  If you’re naturally patient and you have precise, steady hands, this is a good plan of action.

You can easily order a complete DIY kit from a service online, and go to town on your car. If you know how to do your research, you’ll know exactly how to add an extra layer for the best car paint protection.

If you’re the kind of independent person who doesn’t trust anybody but yourself to get a good job done, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily find a way to do it without having anyone else interfere.

The Cons of Installing a Car Clear Bra By Yourself

Despite all this, there’s a reason why there are professionals who can do it for you. There are a lot of things you could overdo in the process of installing your clear paint protection film. There are several cases of using too much or too little solution, overstretching the film, or trimming the edges a little too much.

You won’t be able to find specific measurements for these things, so you might have to undergo a process of trial and error, and it may or may not cost more than hiring an installer for the first time.  If your clear bra isn’t installed well, it might look even worse than a scratched-up paint job, and you’ll have to dish out the cash needed to reinstall it anyway.

That being said, once you get it, you’ll only ever have to pay for materials every time you replace your car clear bra in Longwood, FL, as opposed to paying for the service every single time.

Finding a Car Clear Bra Installer in Longwood, FL

If you decided to hire an installer, you can’t just pick the first service you find who offers to apply your car’s clear bra in Longwood, FL. Cars come in different shapes and sizes, and you need to find out if they have experience with the shape of your car. You also need to know what kind of services they provide, and for what price.

Do you want to cover your entire car in protective film? You should probably go for a cheaper option first, because not many can afford a job on the whole car. Look up reviews and find a company with reasonable prices that you can trust.

If you just want a hood and headlight protection film, you might prefer to splurge on a trustworthy, high-quality brand that won’t require so much replacement, since those are some of the most vulnerable parts of the car.

Good as New: Drive Off With the Finished Product

Once you’ve installed your car clear bra, you can hurtle across the state in a car that will stay looking good as new.  Your car’s paint job with thank you in the long run (or long drive!) Even if you sell your car after a couple decades, the well-preserved paint job will increase its value, and you can pay yourself back for the money you spent taking care of it. Make the smart investment and drive off in style in your hometown by installing a car clear bra in Longwood, FL.