Keeping your vehicle safe from damage can be a difficult task!  Whether from rock chips, scratches, road grime, love bugs, etc. Vehicles are constantly exposed to various elements and it’s becoming hard to keep the paint in pristine condition.

There are a few options for protecting your paint.  Paint Protection Film also known as Clear Bra is the most reliable for protection.  It’s also the best shot at keeping your new car NEW.

Let’s dive into the benefits of paint protection film below.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is a thermoplastic urethane film that goes over any painted surface on your car’s exterior. 

You may remember back in the day the black leather bra that strapped to the front of your car, that is PPF. But, they were unsightly and changed the look of your car.  

The PPF we have today is clear, thin and has extreme malleability, so it can stretch and conform to any edge and curve. This makes the material invisible to the naked eye.

Benefits of PPF

The main purpose of a PPF is to act as auto paint protection. It protects the underlying paint while also preserving its aesthetics. As such, it looks as pristine as ever.

Prevents Damage

The film is very sturdy and thick it handles scratches, dings, rock chips, even vandalism.  Most types of paint protection film also have a self-healing topcoat. This means that minor scratches and damages to the film itself will heal over time.

Prevents Fading

Paint Protection Film also helps protect your car’s exterior from the sun. Exposure to the sun oxidizes the paint, leading to fading and yellowing. The film prevents that from happening as it becomes the barrier between the paint and the sun’s UV rays.

Prevents Other Types of Damages

With Paint Protection Film your vehicle will not be vulnerable to risks like:

  • Acid rain
  • Mineral deposits
  • Acidic contaminants
  • Bugs
  • Water spots
  • Swirl marks from washing
  • And more

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