Window Tint Z recently completed a Formula One Stratos window tint for this Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk in Los Angeles, and the project resulted in one fine-looking SUV as well as in producing a vehicle better suited to deal with the unique driving conditions created by Southern California and specifically Los Angeles. Formula One Stratos tint for cars in LA is a great choice thanks to the many protective benefits this window film offers. From the reduced effects of the sunshine to the added style to the enhanced driver and passenger privacy it creates, Formula One Stratos tint in Los Angeles just makes sense. That’s why it’s rapidly becoming one of Window Tint Z’s most popular products.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

Formula One Stratos Tint

Llumar Formula One Statos window film is sleek without looking flashy, and it shades the car’s windows without making them look dark and uninviting. This handsome window tint adds depth and character to vehicles without markedly changing the overall aesthetics of the car, truck, or SUV, but instead working with the automobile’s style to improve looks.

Formula One Stratos

Formula One Stratos Specs

Formula One Stratos window tint greatly enhances the performance of your car’s windows, blocking out 63% of the sun spectrum’s warming infrared rays. That keeps the car cooler and reduces your climate comfort control costs. The Stratos tint also blocks 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light, preventing interior fading and cracking and stopping UV light from causing skin damage. And finally, Formula One Stratos window tint reduces the harsh glare of the sunlight and of all those headlights filling Los Angeles freeways at night. The update to your car’s appearance and the dramatic improvement of sunlight management across the spectrum is why Llumar’s Formula One Stratos window tint in Los Angeles is such a savvy choice.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk – Window Tinting

Jeep Grand Cherokee Factory Tint Percentage

Most every Jeep Grand Cherokee will leave the factory with a window tint rated at 18% applied to the rear cabin windows and the rear windshield. This level of tint is enough to mildly reduce glare and add a bit of privacy, but the type of factory window tint Jeep Grand Cherokees have is not sufficient for comprehensive sunlight management nor does it do much for the aesthetics of the car. That’s why Window Tint Z is so proud to offer products like Formula One Stratos window films.

Formula One Stratos Los Angeles

Jeep Grand Cherokee Window Tint Cost

Every window tint job Window Tint Z completes for one of our valued Los Angeles customers is a custom job, as was the case with our recent Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Formula One Stratos window tint project. Your installation costs could be as low as a few hundred dollars for just a front windshield or just the side windows, or as high as a thousand or more for a comprehensive complete custom tinting job. What Window Tint Z guarantees is that we offer our customers free estimates before a tinting project and we stand by our work and our products to last for years after.


Formula One Stratos Ceramic Tint in Los Angeles

Formula One Stratos Tint in Los Angeles

Window Tint Z applies many types of paint protection film in Los Angeles, and we offer lots of different window tint options, too, of course. In recent days, the most popular Los Angeles window tint has been Formula One Stratos film. This cutting-edge nano-ceramic window tint is prized for its looks, its function, and its durability; once you have Llumar Formula One Stratos tint on your car, truck, or SUV, you can count on enhanced style and reduced solar issues for years.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Stratos Window Tint 001
Tesla Model X and Grand Cherokee Trailhawk both in for Ceramic Window Tint

Llumar Stratos Review

If you read reviews of Llumar Formula One Stratos window tint, you will come across all sorts of points, like about its excellent rejection of infrared and ultraviolet light, its glare reduction, and its looks. What you won’t find in any Llumar Stratos review that we have yet seen is negativity. This window tint is fast becoming one of the most popular auto tinting products Window Tint Z offers as well as a popular window film all across the nation.