Auto enthusiasts agree: tinting your car windows provides a more stylish exterior appearance to the vehicle. Many people do it just for the looks, but if you use a good-quality brand like LLumar or Huper Optik you will also receive many other advantages, like heat rejection, blocking ultraviolet rays (UV rays), protecting your skin, preventing the car’s interior and upholstery from fading and cracking, and more. Long-term, car owners with dark tinted windows enjoy energy savings, too, because their cooler interiors mean less use of the car’s air conditioning system.

LLumar ATC 5-percent shading was installed in this Lexus LS 400. The 5 percent means only that amount of light is supposed to pass through — known as the Visible Light Transmission, or VLT. At the beginning it may appear like the windows were already tinted, at least a bit. That’s true, all new car windows come with at least some form of tinting, usually very light. Look closely at the beginning of the following video, when our technician was wiping the window. You can clearly see what’s inside the car. At the end of the video, not so much.

Total Blockage

The complete blackout at the rear and sides of the Lexus is incredible. If the owner wanted more privacy, that’s exactly what was delivered. Looks like the “limo” shade — the darkest window tint shading possible. Compare these to the final photo at bottom, which is what the car looked like before our skilled Window Tintz technicians got to work.

Llumar Lexus Window Tint
LLumar Lexus Window Tint
Lexus Window Tintz Los Angeles
Lexus Window Tintz Los Angeles


Not much privacy or protection here. Before the window tinting was installed, other motorists and passersby could see clearly into the interior of the Lexus. Window tinting can help prevent auto burglaries — culprits may be less apt to break in if they can’t see anything worth taking the chance for. It is difficult to estimate the overall added value of window tinting, both short-term and long-term. Certainly window tint improves a vehicle’s value, and should help speed up the re-sale process should the owner choose to sell.

Lexus LS400 Window Tint
Lexus LS 400 Window Tint