Lifetime Warranty Car Tint

All of our car window tint installations come with a Lifetime Warranty which covers the tint and the installation.

The Lifetime Warranty for your Car Tint includes any sort of product failure such as the film peeling, fading, bubbling or failing in any way.

When you come to Window Tint Z, you get the piece of mind you’re getting high quality window tint and a company that stands behind their work.

What does window tint warranty cover?

In the instance there is a warranty claim, simple bring your car back to us and we’ll take care of it. We make it as simple as possible for you, and we handle the paperwork directly with the manufacturer so you don’t have to.

Car Window Tinting Lifetime Warranty

Not all window tint is created equal which is why we only carry high quality window tint such as Huper Optik, Formula One, Llumar, 3M, DUB iR and more.

While all of the tint we carry include a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, we take it a step further by backing that warranty directly through Window Tint Z

What that means for you is quality and satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

We appreciate the opportunity to tint your car and look forward to exceeding your car window tint expectations!