FormulaOne Classic Window Tint

Add fantastic style that will stand up to the test of time.

FormulaOne Classic Series car window tints give you lots of freedom to express your personal style, plus some nice creature comforts. With options that darken your auto glass from 50-95%, you also get premium-grade optical clarity, scratch resistance, protection from UV rays, heat blocking benefits and eye-friendly glare reduction.

An exclusive offering of LLumar SelectPro dealers, FormulaOne Classic is an uncompromising combination of color-stable window tint technology and precision installation, made to last for as many stylish miles as you care to drive.

Llumar FormulaOne Classic Series auto window tint is an affordable but top quality window film that is perfect for improving both the appearance and function of a vehicle without spending too much money.

This resilient window tint is made using durable materials and a color-fast dye that adds style and privacy to a car, truck, or SUV, tinting the glass windows to a charcoal gray finish. Classic Series FormulaOne window tint adds style and dimension to a vehicle, helping it look newer and more refined for many years to come. The lifetime “No Color Change” warranty of the window film is a testament to the brand’s belief in the quality of the product.

FormulaOne window film reduces the harsh glare within a vehicle cabin during sunlit hours, it reduces the temperature in a vehicle by rejecting a portion of the solar energy, and it blocks almost all of the sun’s harmful and damaging ultraviolet radiation. This low-cost but effective auto window film is a great choice for the business that owns and operates a large fleet of vehicles, and is also a fine choice for upgrading the appearance and performance of a personal vehicle.

Llumar FormulaOne Classic Series window tint will not noticeably change the clarity of the view out through a car’s windows during either the daytime or nighttime. It comes in several different degrees of darkness, offering different levels of privacy or minimal change to your vehicle’s appearance as you prefer.

What FormulaOne Comfort Window Tint Can Do for You

Good Heat Rejection

The tint in dyed film acts as a shield against the heat of the sun. The darker the shade, the more cooling power you’ll get.

Superior UV Rejection

Enjoy the sun without the harmful effects, thanks to protection that’s powerful enough to block 99% of UV rays.

Help Reduce Glare

Fiddle less with window shades, or don’t use them at all. Keep in mind: the darker you go, the more you reduce glare.

Custom Style

Dramatic or subtle, window tint is a simple, satisfying way to take any vehicle from factory original to uniquely yours.

Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty

Coverage for your investment in automotive tint and installation that transfers with your car title.

Professional Installation & Customer Service

FormulaOne dealers consistently deliver professional service, precision installation and spectacular results.

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