If driving a car that looks great and helps reflect your personality and sense of style is important to you, then you are probably already aware of vinyl vehicle wrap. Los Angeles has tens of thousands of cars decked out with paint wraps, and these film come in everything from chrome to colors to patterns, and are available in multiple types of finish. So even if you have not seriously considered a full color wrap for your car, you have surely seen other cars driving around LA that have vinyl wrap adorning their exteriors.

Many people have misconceptions about vehicle paint wrap in Los Angeles, so we’re going to clear a few of those up and — potentially — convince you to think that much harder about getting a color wrap for your own car, truck, or SUV.

When it comes to the aesthetics of a car’s exterior, the great debate is vehicle wrap vs. paint. Auto paint is seen by many as the better option simply because they don’t know much about vinyl films. Let’s break it down across the most common perceived points of contention:

Auto Paint vs. Car Wrap Price

The first thing to understand is that when it comes to auto paint vs. car wraps, the vinyl wrap almost always represents the better value. That’s not always to say that car wrapping will be less expensive, but it is indeed a better investment. This is true because while a cheap, shoddy paint job might cost less than a high end, professional full color wrap, a top quality car wrap job will cost less than you’ll pay for top tier auto painting.

In fact, in most cases vinyl vehicle wrap installation is more affordable than auto paint, regardless of how cheap or marked up the auto body shop may be. The savings might not always be significant, but any money saved is more money in your pocket, and saving money in a city with LA’s cost of living is always a beautiful thing.

Auto Paint vs. Car Wrap Durability

People often wonder how long does vehicle vinyl wrap last, and many incorrectly think the answer is not that long. In fact, products like 3M 1080 Series car wrap and Avery Dennison vehicle vinyl wraps last for at least five years; many cars enjoy more than a decade out of their wrap and still look great even after all those years. (Some Avery vehicle wraps last 12 years, in fact.) And ket in mind full car wraps are not only durable in and of themselves, but they protect the underlying exterior of the car, preserving the original paint job. That helps if you ever want to sell the car and need to remove the wrap to do so. Car wraps protect your vehicle from the relentless Southern California sunshine and the UV rays that can fade paint and from the scratches and small dents caused by bits of road debris as you drive around the town.

Auto Paint vs. Car Wrap Style

A great auto body shop can do some pretty amazing things with car paint, but no vehicle painter can ever hope to match the nearly endless variety of colors, patterns, styles, and finishes offered by full car paint wraps. With auto paint a vehicle is usually limited to one solid color either all over the vehicle or at least on each component of the automobile, such as the hood, doors, and bumpers. With vinyl vehicle wraps, a car can feature any intricate blend of colors, fades, patterns, and graphics that the driver wishes. Car wraps can be digitally printed to render images, logos, text, or any blend and variety of colors you wish.

Vinyl vehicle wraps also simply come in more color options than you can find with car paint. From bright fluorescent colors to shiny metallic exteriors to carbon fiber finishes and much more, color change wraps really can change the color and style of your car in more ways than auto paint can offer. And this is true largely because of the various finishes and textures offered; a car can be painted red, e.g., but with color change wrap, it can be red with a high gloss finish, a matter finish, a satin look, a brushed texture, and more.

If you want your car to stand out on the freeways and boulevards of Los Angeles, you have a better chance of making your mark when you use vinyl color change wrap instead of auto paint.

Auto Paint vs. Car Wrap Removal

There’s really no such thing as simply “removing” auto paint. It has to be scraped, buffed, sanded, and sometimes even heated and blasted off a car, and the removal process leaves the vehicle looking shabby and unfit for use until a brand new paint job has been completed. With color change wraps, the vinyl film can be removed with ease and the car will be restored to its original condition with the underlying paint job still looking as good as ever. Therefore vehicle color wraps are great for the car that you lease or that you plan to sell some day; the vinyl film lets you express yourself through the dramatic styling of the car but then revert the vehicle to a more demure state that increases its sale value. And of course you also might simply decide that you no longer want the vinyl wrap you chose for your car and that you’d prefer its more basic painted appearance again; you can’t well simply change your mind if you went with auto paint.

So if you’re on the fence about vehicle color change wrap vs. painting, make the fiscally smart choice that also lets you change the car back later and go with vinyl car paint wrapping.