The famed seaside town of Malibu, CA is home only around 15,000 residents, yet Malibu is known all across the country thanks to the views of the Pacific Ocean, the twisting canyons, and the lovely mountains, and thanks to its many celebrity residents and their stunning homes. Malibu houses come in a range of architectural styles, but almost every residence in the region has one thing in common: it is an expensive piece of real estate.

Most homeowners in Malibu are quite concerned with residential security. One of the most cost-effective and reliable ways to improve the security of a Malibu residence is to apply security window film on the ground level windows of the property. With residential security window film in place, Malibu homes are safe from three of the most common hazards residents all across the LA region face: robbery, sun-damaged property, and the pain of a massive power bill.

Window film reinforces the windows of your home, preventing the glass from shattering into pieces even when a burglar hits the windowpanes with a crowbar or rock, or when flying debris or the shaking of an earthquake cracks the glass. The windowpanes will stay together as one solid mass instead of breaking into shards; that keeps a criminal outside the home and reduces the chance of injury for you and your family.

Window tint rejects out 99.9% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light, preventing much of the sun fading that leaves floors discolored, upholstery, drapes, and linens bleached, and artwork and photographs damaged and devalued. The more you care about the things inside your home in Malibu, the more window film makes sense.

And finally, window tint blocks out much of the near-infrared solar energy responsible for interior heat rise. Even on a cloudy day, if it’s warm outside, invisible solar radiation will enter your home through the windows and raise the temperature, causing you discomfort and necessitating to the use of fans and air conditioning, which means a bigger electric bill. Window film blocks most of this solar energy and will keep the property cooler, and it also adds more insulation to the windowpanes, helping your residence maintain the temperature you have established whether you have the AC or the heat on (that’s right, it gets plenty cold in Malibu, California).