Preserve the Interior of Your Car With Window Tint

This sleek white 2015 McLaren 650S Coupe is the perfect vehicle for Orlando, Florida. Its white body looks great and rejects solar heat, and its wide open top lets the driver and one lucky passenger enjoy all the great weather Florida has to offer. But with that great weather comes an abundance of sunshine that can be not so enjoyable when it causes fading and damage to the interior of the car, especially during those long hours spent parked in the sun. So this proactive vehicle owner did the savvy thing and had us apply solar blocking window tint on the sports car’s large windshield.

Window tint for a McLaren in Orlando stops sun damage.

Block UV Light With Window Film

Ultraviolet light is invisible but highly damaging and dangerous, causing faded and cracked interiors for cars can causing skin damage to people. The window tint we applied in our Orlando window tint shop will block 99% of that dangerous light, and will also reduce the glare, so the driver can enjoy a better view of the road even on the brightest sunny Florida days. Windshield window tint also makes night driving safer by cutting the glare of oncoming headlights.