If you have a Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles ceramic tint is about the best thing you can add to your car. Why? First, because it’s one of the most advanced, effective types of window film ever created. And second, because with a Tesla Model 3, there’s not much you can add before you’re just gilding the lily with this eco-friendly, affordable, and gorgeous vehicle.

So, what can a Model 3 ceramic tint job do for your car? And why is ceramic tint for a Model 3 in LA such a particularly good idea?

A few reasons, like heat, fading, battery life, glare, style and privacy, and we could go on, but let’s start with those.

Model 3 Ceramic Tint Los Angeles
Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Tint installation in Los Angeles by Window Tint Z

Defeat the Sun’s Heat in Los Angeles with Model 3 Ceramic Tint

Window Tint Z coated all of the glass in this Tesla Model 3 with top quality nano-ceramic window film, and you should consider the same for yours so you don’t have to suffer the SoCal sun. Ceramic tint can block a large percent of the infrared sunshine that causes interior warming in a car, with the Model 3 being particularly susceptible to cabin heat because of the huge amount of glass on the windshields and roof.

When window film absorbs and rejects solar energy, it keeps the interior of the car cooler whether the vehicle is parked or is cruising down the 5. (Or stopped in a bumper-to-bumper mess on the 101 near Highland.) With ceramic window tint for a Tesla Model 3, you can keep your cool, LA heat notwithstanding.

Model 3 Ceramic Tint Los Angeles
Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Tint Los Angeles

Prevent Fading to Your Model 3 with Ceramic Window Film

The sun’s ultraviolet light is powerful force. It might be invisible to the human eye, but you can sure see the results of prolonged unchecked exposure to UV light. UV light is responsible for the faded and discolored look of auto upholstery and for the fading and cracking on the dashboard and consoles. It weakens materials and makes them look unsightly, reducing the resale value of a car, not to mention making you less proud of your own ride.

The good news is that even with all of the sunny days in Los Angeles ceramic tint for a Model 3 can win the battle against interior fading. That’s because the nano-ceramic window tinting we install blocks more than 99% of the sun’s UV light.

And keep in mind, that means it’s keeping your skin safer, too.

Model 3 Ceramic Tint Los Angeles
Ceramic Tint for Tesla Model 3 at Window Tint Z in Los Angeles

Stop the AC Drain with Window Tint for a Tesla

This one is elegantly simple. When the air conditioning is running to cool down the hot interior of your Model 3, what’s powering the AC? Right, the battery. When you use less AC because your car stayed cooler thanks to ceramic tint, what do you have more of? Yep, battery life. Which, with a Tesla, means miles you can drive, of course.

Model 3 Ceramic Tint Los Angeles
Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Tint for Heat Rejection in Los Angeles

Drive Safer Thanks to Reduced Glare with Automotive Window Film

Have you ever driven south out of The Valley over the crest of the 405 heading south shortly before sunset? Then you know firsthand how annoying and downright dangerous the sun’s glare can be. Ceramic window tint allows plenty of visible light to enter your vehicle, keeping the cabin bright and welcoming and easy to see around during the daytime, but it reduces the harsh glare of the sun by cutting down on just a portion of visible light that passes through.

Model 3 Ceramic Tint Los Angeles
Best Ceramic Tint for Tesla Model 3

LA Model 3 Ceramic Window Tint for Privacy and Style

If there are two things people who call LA home know all about, it’s the value of privacy and style. Often Angelenos want to be seen and celebrated; other times it’s best to be anonymous. With ceramic window tint, you can choose a shade so light it will barely be noticeable on the windows of your Tesla — yet it will still be effective against IR and UV light and glare reduction, of course — or your can have the windows darkened enough to add plenty of welcome privacy.

And short of getting a brand new paint job or a vinyl color wrap (which we can offer!), there’s no better way to enhance the stylish look of your car than by applying a window tint with shade and/or some color to the glass of your car. We will work with you to create the perfect custom Model 3 window tint package for your wants and needs, and you will end up with a Tesla that’s cooler inside, looks cooler outside, and that’s safe from fading, has better battery life, and that can give you the comfort of privacy, too.

And of course Window Tint Z offers free, no obligation consultations, so call us up or drive on over in your Tesla Model 3 today!