It really is true what people say about Hondas: they just last forever. We’ve seen so many of these famously reliable Japanese cars come through our shop over the years that we’ve come to regard them as some of the best cars on the road. Thanks to their long lifespan, Hondas like this 2005 Civic we recently worked on also prove something else: bad window tint just looks awful after a few years!

This Honda Civic owner still loved his car but could no longer stand the bubbling, discolored window film that had been installed years earlier. So we did what we always do in these cases: we fixed it fast and for a great price.

This 2005 Honda Civic badly needed replaced window tint.

Replace Old Window Tint at Our Orlando Car Tint Shop

Despite being nearly 15 years old, this Hands Civic has plenty of years left ahead of it, it’s that good of a car. But the tint applied by a previous shop was of cheap quality and it was bubbling, discolored, and even peeling and cracking. Our techs can remove worn window film like this in no time, and in a single day we can replace it with top quality window film that we guarantee will never bubble, fade, crack, or change color on you.

We use only the finest, most stable and reliable window tint for cars because we want you to be able to rely on our tinting every bit as much as you trust your car in general.

Our window tint blocks 99% of UV light, reduces heat in the cabin by blocking lots of IR light, and it reduces glare to make you safer when driving out there in that hot sun in Florida. Car tint also reinforced the glass, helping it resist cracking apart during an accident or if someone tries to break into your vehicle while it’s parked.