If you and your employees have been baking in that hot Houston sun, it may be time to consider investing in a high-quality to revolutionize your comfortability in the office. There are a wide variety of tints with a vast array of styles and specs to suit your performance needs, as well as aesthetic preference. So what can an office tint achieve for you?

Reduce Heat – With a high grade tint installation, your newly treated windows will dramatically reduce heat from entering and being trapped in your office. As a result, you’ll shell out much less on cooling costs – something Houston locals are accustomed to breaking the bank for in warmer months. In addition, the window films sport insulation properties to trap heat in during the colder months, reducing HVAC bills.

Cut Glare – If you’ve noticed your receptionist squinting in the foyer or have found it impossible to use a projector, a tint can block out that incessant glare and improve optics. With a top tint, you can block out as much as 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV-rays. This protects you and your employees from cancer-causing, damaging sunlight and increases visibility without sacrificing brightness.

Increase Security – Because the tints provide another layer to your window, they reinforce and strengthen them, making them almost shatter-proof. If a window is broken due to weather, vandalism, or attempted theft, the window will typically stay in the frame instead of breaking apart into shattered pieces.

Increase Privacy – Tints can be applied in a wide range of thicknesses and intensities, as well as varying facade styles. Frosted window glasses or reflective tints can be applied to increase privacy within the office, and also enhance the exterior’s appearance, providing a classic, chic aesthetic that suits you. Frost window films can even have your company logo on them to increase notoriety.

To learn more about applying an office tint in Houston, contact the Window Tint Z team for a consultation and a quote! We love to take on any tinting task and welcome a challenge.