Tired of baking in that hot Texas sun during the workday? It may be time to consider investing in a high-quality to adhere to greater comfortability in the office. With a massive variety of tints in a vast array of styles and specs to suit every performance need, you’re sure to ascertain a tint that achieves the highest standard of protection as well as meeting your aesthetic preference. What can an office tint achieve for you?

Increase Security – A surprising benefit of tinting tech is that it provides another layer to your windows, reinforcing and strengthening them and making them almost shatter-proof. Because they are so durable, they are able to stay in the frame if they are met with force due to vandalism, theft attempts, or extreme weather. Instead of breaking apart into sharp shards, the tint will act as a shield to keep broken glass in place.

Reduce Heat – Windows treated with a high grade tint will see dramatic results in heat reduction. By blocking out unwanted solar energy, the tint can reduce heat from entering and being trapped in your office. As a result, your cooling costs will greatly decrease – something especially advantageous for Humble locals. In addition, the window films sport insulation properties to trap heat in during the colder months, reducing HVAC bills.

Cut Glare – By barring out unwanted rays without sacrificing brightness, a tint can increae visibility and enhance optics for greater comfortability. With a top tint, you can block out as much as 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV-rays to protect you and your employees from cancer-causing, damaging sunlight. This sunlight is also harmful to furniture, equipment, and electronics. Blocking it means a better future and slower fade time for everything inside the office.

Increase Privacy – Tints can be applied in a wide range of thicknesses and intensities, as well as varying facade styles. Frosted window glasses or reflective tints can be applied to increase privacy within the office. The tint will also enhance the exterior’s appearance, providing an aesthetic that suits you and your brand. Frost window films can even have your company logo on them to increase notoriety and make it easier for customers to find your office for meetings or appointments.

To learn more about applying an office tint in Humble, contact the Window Tint Z team for a consultation and a quote!