window films
Opaque window films provide excellent privacy while also adding an element of style to a property.

As the name suggests, an opaque window film is impervious to sight and, in most cases, fully blocks light transmission, as well. Thus residential opaque window film is the perfect way to alter the function of the windows and glass doors of your home. You can select a window film that will provide total privacy and light reduction without markedly changing the appearance of your residence, or you can opt for a stylish opaque window film that will add some designer flair to the home.

window film
This 48-inch strip of frosted window film provides privacy and finishes off this urban office.

Residential opaque window films come in shades ranging from white to gray to black and in colors including reflective silver or gold. You can also choose a patterned window film that works perfectly with the colors and materials of your residence. There is no more inexpensive and efficient way to update the appearance and transform the function of residential windows and glass doors than with the application of opaque window film.

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