Florida contains the third-most automobiles among all U.S. states and territories, so more than a few car owners have interest in Orlando window tint specialists. Add to that the subtropical climate, with humid and sometimes very wet summers, and you have a recipe to drive motorists nuts. Driving in wet conditions is bad enough; when you can’t see well out your windshield it’s worse. Plus the sun shines more than 200 of the 365 days in a year so glare is an ongoing dilemma for drivers as well as passengers. With the number of total registered vehicles in Florida approaching 21 million, we can assume millions of them need protection for their cars.

High Demand for Window Tint Specialists

Orlando window tint specialists, and window film experts from surrounding communities like Winter Garden and Winter Springs, are in high demand for a lot of reasons especially the Central Florida climate. The area is humid suptropical, a climate characterized by hot and humid summers because tropical air masses dominate the environmental system. This is counterbalanced by mild winters. Mild winters do not mean lack of rain. Precipitation is plentiful in Central Florida and is another reason why high-quality window tint films are advisable. Better window tints can reduce glare and protect optical clarity – making driving in wet conditions easier.

Busy Seasons for Window Tint Demand

Seasoned Orlando window tint specialists know when to expect busy lots and garages. They know rainfall usually hits a summer peak, and most summer rainfall happens with thunderstorms built up. This occurs because of very strong surface heating (caused by all that sunshine) and the sun’s angle in the climate. Things get better in winter, when rainfall is limited to large storms in what’s known as the westerlies. Typically Florida winters are pretty dry, but that doesn’t mean cars are immune to harmful sun rays like ultraviolet rays (UV rays) or infra-red rays (IR rays).

Orlando window tint specialists Know Sunshine

Orlando window tint specialists including in the surrounding suburban areas like Winter Garden and Winter Springs know when the sun will shine and when those rays might be disturbed. The rainy season is pretty well known, from around May to October. This is when air-mass thunderstorms build up from the day’s heat and dump usually brief but often very heavy rainfall. During breaks between, summer storms and when other seasons, motorists should be cognizant of the potential damages from the sun. Ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, and prolonged exposure to infra-red rays causes sunburns and a laid foundation for cancer-causing elements.

Sunshine State Commands Sun Protection

In the Sunshine State it is imperative to get protection from the sun’s rays, and Orlando window tint specialists understand this not only as a selling point in their business, but also because they live with it every day. Really solid window tint installation companies have experienced technicians familiar with the highest-of-quality window tints like those offered by LLumar, Huper Optik and 3M. High-quality window films offer the utmost in protection from the sun, and also other benefits such as glare reduction.