Are you in the market for a new vehicle, or just got a brand new ride? Why not protect your investment with Paint Protection Film?! This film applied to your new vehicle has endless benefits for the years to come.

Benefits of Paint Protection for your vehicle :

  • Instant healing of minor scratches or abrasions
  • Temperature resistant/High heat resistant 
  • Protects your paint
  • Polyurethane-Based substance
  • Unique adhesive used while applying
  • Film is thin and transparent
  • Protection from UV exposure, chemicals, toxins, road grime and even rock chips
  • Protection against insects such as, love bugs, flies, dragon flies, etc
  • Protection for high impact areas
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Paint protection film is actually proven to be far more superior than Ceramic coatings. This polyurethane-based substance is a very thin, transparent film that leaves your vehicle looking factory fresh with a gloss finish. This film is able to provide self-healing to help prevent surface scratches and minor damage. Down the road you want to remove this paint protection film? No problem! Soon after applying this film it is easily removable leaving no damage to your original paint or a sticky mess from most adhesives. Let us help protect your paint today!

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