Southern California
Southern California drivers are ranked among the worst in the nation. *Those* other drivers pose a threat to the look of your vehicle.

A recent report ranked major Southern California cities among the worst to drive, further nurturing discussions about the growing need for paint protection films in Los Angeles and largely populated areas nearby. The report listed Corpus Christi, Texas as the best big city to drive in and through; and of the 100 cities studied, San Francisco was the worst. The findings were based on factors including cost of ownership and maintenance; traffic and infrastructure; safety; and access to vehicles and maintenance. Vehicle maintenance, traffic and infrastructure are key elements in weighing whether it’s time to invest in paint protection film for your vehicles.

Vehicle-Enhancement Changes Make Ultimate Sense in Los Angeles

Vehicle-enhancing items like color change vinyl wraps, or paint protection film in Los Angeles makes ultimate sense because of how much it costs to fix what the roads do to your car, motorcycle, truck or trailer. Quality paint protection films such as those produced by Avery Dennison or the offerings in the 3M Film Wrap Series provide insurance and peace of mind that no matter how much you have to roll along Southern California roadways, your wallet won’t be dinged along the way. Even touch-ups to vehicle body paint jobs are expensive, not to mention full re-paint work. Paint protection film can make your car look better while at the same time saving you lots of money.

Sensible to Consider Paint Protection Film when Your City Ranks in the Bottom Half

The article on the best and worse places to drive is revealing. First off, it’s only the 100 largest cities and only considers within their city limits, meaning it doesn’t count suburbs that can be connected with a city like Glendale might be with Los Angeles. It’s L.A. City all on its own in this study. Which has Los Angeles near the bottom at No. 91, meaning 90 big cities are better to drive in. But at least it’s not Nos. 99 and 100 like Oakland and San Francisco. Still, with the categories they considered in the rankings, it makes sense for area vehicle owners to look into quality paint protection films in Los Angeles or nearby big cities like San Diego.

Lowest Scores around for Costs, Maintenance, Traffic and Infrastructure

It takes until Nos. 39 and 45 to get to Southern California locations in terms of best places to drive. Chula Vista and Irvine, amazingly, ranked decently. It’s at the bottom half of the biggest 100 cities in America that you start seeing SoCal hopefuls: Riverside at 61, San Diego at 69, Anaheim at 74, Santa Ana at 81, Long Beach at 85, San Bernardino at 89 and of course Los Angeles at 91. Want an argument for paint protection film in Los Angeles or other nearby communities? Los Angeles tallied 99 and 90 scores – in 1 to 100, with lower numbers meaning best – in cost to own or maintain a vehicle, and traffic and infrastructure.

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All told, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego did not fare well in the areas of owning and maintaining a vehicle or traffic and infrastructure. Only San Diego did decently in safety, drawing a 23 compared with the 65 of Los Angeles and 54 for Long Beach. Maintaining a vehicle is what we’re all about: we preserve the look and value of the vehicles (and marine vessels) you own, while at the same time offering only products that are high quality and enhance the value and visual beauty of your property on wheels or on water. Contact us today for more information about paint protection film for Los Angeles area vehicles and what it can mean for you.