Vinyl car wrap is one of the most popular aftermarket updates people make to their cars, but it is one that many people worry will not be treated like an insurable enhancement. The good news is that if you have properly informed your policy provider, more often than not insurance covers car wrap repairs just the same as it would pay for a new coat of auto paint or a windshield replacement following a car accident.

The prepared and insightful Los Angeles motorist with a wrapped vehicle must make sure to inform their insurance provider of the vinyl wrap immediately following its completion. You should work with a reputable car wrap installer that is backed by a trusted insurer and that has proper licensing so that they can turn this information over to your own insurance company following an accident (and prior to commencement of their restoration work, to make sure the job will be covered). Also make sure to take plenty of high resolution photos of your newly wrapped vehicle (you were probably going to do that anyway) after the installation is complete so you can clearly document and demonstrate the color wrap that must be replaced in the unfortunate event an accident.

And that’s that: once you have selected a reliable Los Angeles color wrap installer, had your car wrapped, reported it to your insurance company, and documented the wrap job, you can just enjoy your vehicle. Until, that is, an accident occurs.

Following a car accident, you will first file a claim with your insurer and follow all the steps they require. This will include selection a car repair shop, but don’t simply settle for an auto body shop based on its low rate quotes or its convenient proximity; you must also find an auto body shop that is ready to work with one of LA’s certified car wrap installers as part of the car restoration team. Even the best auto body shop in Los Angeles is likely not a suitable choice for replacing color wrap; vinyl wrap installation is a highly specialized process that requires the right materials, the right tools, and the right training and experience. Not only will working with an auto repair shop that is not qualified to restore vinyl wrap likely leave you with a car looking worse than it should, but it also might negate your car wrap insurance claim. Only a company that is fully licensed and insured to install car wrap can be relied on to provide a restoration or even a complete new color wrap that an insurance policy will cover.

In some cases, before a proper vehicle repair can be commenced, the color wrap already in place on the vehicle needs to be removed. This is best left to a vinyl wrap company to ensure that no accidental damage is caused to the car, and also to preserve any car wrap that need not be removed and further damaged unnecessarily. So make a Los Angeles color wrap company part of the auto repair for vinyl wrapped cars right from the start of the process.

Getting vehicle color wrap in Los Angeles may increase your insurance rates slightly as the car will be properly considered to be of elevated value after the wrap is applied. But the modest increase in your regular insurance rate will be instantly worthwhile when insurance pays for color wrap repair after an accident. It is critical that you work with the right car wrap specialists for a repair, ideally turning to the same installers who initially wrapped the vehicle. That’s because if the wrong wrap is chosen for the repair or it is installed improperly, it will have a negative impact on the entire exterior of the car, truck, or SUV. If you are paying extra to have car wrap covered by insurance, then you owe it to yourself to demand the best car wrap restoration after an accident.