Artificial grass or also called as artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers that look like natural grass. It is used in arenas for sports that require grass for playing. Artificial turf field have many advantages, such as has a consistent surface, suitable in many types of weather, durable and low maintenance, and provides environmental benefits in terms of water saving and reduced maintenance.

Today, artificial grass is also used in homes and commercial establishments. People pay companies to have a turf grass installation in their lawns. It can make their homes more beautiful, and they can save so much on maintenance unlike having natural grass.

Though artificial grass is easy to maintain, it is still important to know the things that could possibly inflict damages on it and know how to prevent it. Applying direct heat and reflected heat from reflective surfaces can be the reason why the synthetic grass on your lawn is disintegrating. This can be fixed through calling the turf company that installed your turf field to repair and prevent further damages for you. Or you can have a do-it-yourself prevention strategy, just like what many people in the Internet are crazy for today.

The following are some tips to prevent your synthetic lawn from melting and burning:

  • Keep away cooking equipment and cigarettes

Cooking equipment can damage your lawn due to the heat that it emits when you cook. It is best that you put the equipment far enough from your lawn to prevent damages. Also, assign a specific area for smoking when you host a house party. Thrown cigarettes can burn your lawn and can give you a hard time fixing it.

  • Water your lawn

Water your lawn every 30 minutes to keep it cool and hydrated. This is effective but very costly to apply. Watering your lawn every 30 minutes can increase the demand for water supply, thus resulting in a higher bill to pay.

  • Cover windows and paint reflective surfaces

Most cases of artificial grass melting are caused by reflective windows or other reflective surfaces. Synthetic Turf International (the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic turf) suggested that people with synthetic lawns must provide awning or even a simple screen for their windows. Other reflective surfaces must also be painted with nonreflective paint. This is the most cost-efficient way to prevent your synthetic lawn from melting. Always remember that prevention is the best remedy for everything.