I just got tints on my car today. Can’t say I’m 100% happy. Tints: they had prices listed on the walls, and they seems to be fair. Service: The two workers seemed to try hard, and were attentive. Unfortunately this is also where I am disappointed. I just bought my car not too long ago, and I don’t want to see duct tape or two sided tape applied to my new car. When they put took my car apart to put the tint on, they broke multiple tabs. When I inspected my car, I noticed a few rubber stops very loose. When I asked them to fix the issue, they offered double sided tape. As previously mentioned, I just picked up the car, and its disappointing when I pay hundreds of dollars for tint, and I end up spending more money to fix something that wasn’t broken before. I had to stop by the dealer on my way home, and I ended up spending an additional 60 dollars. Still would recommend this place, but make sure you ask the workers about any potential issues beforehand.

Yelp Review from Jason L. of Los Angeles, California
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