Window Tintz is proud to serve our customers in Windermere, Florida, offering everything from comprehensive custom vehicle window tinting services to auto paint correction to vehicle vinyl wrapping and, of course, including Ceramic Pro coatings. While we work with motorists from all over the state of Florida, in Windermere, Ceramic Pro application is fast becoming the service that most of our customers seek. That’s because Ceramic Pro offers unmatched vehicle exterior protection, keeping a car, truck, or SUV safe from minor scratches and dents, preventing corrosion, rust, or fading, and even resisting water streaks and spots. In short, Ceramic Pro keeps a car looking great and safer from damage, so if you have a prized car, you need to come to Window Tintz to have it protected with Ceramic Pro.

We use several different Ceramic Pro products, from Ceramic Pro Strong, the perfect rugged coating for commercial and industrial vehicles, to Ceramic Pro Sport, a coating that boasts superlative hydrophobic effects and high gloss looks, to Ceramic Pro 9H, a lasting and durable formula that can withstand immense heat and the toughest scratches. A Window Tintz employee will be happy to explain the various products available and to help you make a plan customized to best suit your vehicle’s needs.

Ceramic Pro Price In Windermere FL

Lots of our Windermere, Florida Ceramic Pro customers come to us asking the same question: How much does Ceramic Pro cost? When you fill out the form on our site, call us up, or stop by the shop, we’ll be glad to give you a Ceramic Pro installation cost estimate that is tailored expressly for you and your vehicle. However we don’t have fixed rates that we can share, because no two vehicle coating jobs we complete are ever exactly the same. Based on the Ceramic Pro products you choose, the condition of your car’s exterior prior to the application, and several other factors, like vehicle size and type, we will create a completely customized protective coating plan for you, thus your Ceramic Pro costs will be specific to you, too.

But we do always tell our clients in Windermere, FL Ceramic Pro application costs a lot less than getting a brand new paint job or a total new color wrap for your car, and once you have ceramic coating applied to your vehicle you will probably never need a new paint or wrap job or even a paint correction. So think of Ceramic Pro as an investment that pays for itself by saving you from other costs.

The Window Tintz Ceramic Pro Gold Package In Windermere, FL

The Window Tintz Ceramic Pro Gold Package was designed exclusively perfect for automobile owners who demand the finest treatment for their vehicles. If you want the highest level of protection for a car, truck, then the Ceramic Pro Gold Package is your best choice.

Our Ceramic Pro Gold Package includes four complete coatings of the amazingly strong Ceramic Pro 9H applied over every painted or vinyl wrapped surface of your vehicle. The package also includes Ceramic Pro Light applied over the windscreen and windows as well as over the surfaces coated with Ceramic Pro 9H. This final layer protects those more fragile surfaces and reduces the amount of UV light that enters the cabin while also creating a super glossy effect over the entirety of the vehicle, helping the auto look clean and new.

In Windermere, FL a Ceramic Pro Gold Package coating will protect a car against the damages caused by rain and salty air, it will prevent fading and discoloration caused by sunshine, and it will prevent scratches created by pebbles and road debris bouncing up from under the tires of other cars. Individual prices for the Windermere Ceramic Pro Gold Package vary based on your vehicle’s age, condition, and its manufacturer and model, but know that Window Tintz always offers competitive pricing.

Windermere Florida Ceramic Pro 9H from Window Tintz

Window Tintz recommends Ceramic Pro 9H more than any other single vehicle coating product. This strong, resilient nano-ceramic coating creates what amounts to a permanent exterior protection layer for your car, truck, SUV, or boat. While some ceramic vehicle coating products wear down over time and must be refreshed, with a few coats of Ceramic Pro 9H layered over one another, the vehicle will enjoy years if not decades of exterior protection.

And during all those long years of viable working life, Ceramic Pro 9H will offer your car myriad benefits. These include superior scratch protection; in fact the 9H in the product’s name refers to its amazing hardness rating. (On a scale of 1 to 10, it is rated near the top in this category.) Ceramic Pro 9H also boasts amazing thermal resistance, able to endure temperatures as hot as 2,000+ degrees Fahrenheit. It will protect your car’s body from rust and corrosion, it protects the paint or vinyl wrap from fading and peeling, and it sheds water to keep your vehicle looking clean and streak free even after the heaviest rains

Vehicle Paint Correction In Windermere FL

Window Tintz is not only the leading vendor of Ceramic Pro coating in Windermere, Florida and in greater Central Florida beyond, but is also one of the area’s leading vehicle paint correction companies. Before any coating of a Ceramic Pro product, we make sure your vehicle undergoes a comprehensive two-stage paint correction process. During this restorative process, we will remove swirls and scratches, fix faded areas or discolored areas, and remove any other imperfections marring your vehicle’s exterior.

We will repair or fill dents and deep gouges and we specialize in fixing or outright replacing damaged vinyl wrap. So once those coatings of Ceramic Pro have created a molecular-level bond and are permanently protecting your car’s exterior, Ceramic Pro will be protecting a car that looks its absolute best. We guarantee that your automobile will look like new before we apply Ceramic Pro so that we can guarantee the vehicle will look great for years.