On the inside, Tesla cars are different from other vehicles in just about every way. They use one of the most powerful banks of batteries ever devised and are propelled using state of the art electric motors. A host of  advanced systems make Tesla Motors vehicles as safe, efficient, and fun to drive as anything else out there on the road, with features including everything from semi-autonomous driver assist modes to multiple on-board cameras to superlative driver and passenger comfort amenities.

On the outside, however, a Tesla’s exterior is every bit as at-risk for cosmetic damage as is any other vehicle on the road, from a family wagon to a luxury sedan to a sports car. Whether you own a Tesla Model S, an X, or a 3 (or if you are one of the few lucky motorists who got an original Tesla Roadster), you drive a car that you surely care deeply about and that represents a sizable investment, too. So protect the exterior of your Tesla from damage by coating the car with a great vehicle exterior protection material that can prevent aesthetic damage and preserve the looks and the value of your Tesla.

One of the most popular automotive care products on the market today is Ceramic Pro, a nano-ceramic coating formula that creates a permanent molecular level bond with a vehicle’s paint and that forms an ultra durable barrier against all sorts of damage. Getting Ceramic Pro for Tesla cars is a great way to protect the vehicle’s exterior against all of the common sources of auto paint damage. These include the scratches and minor dents caused by bits of gravel bouncing around on the road or that bush that grows to near a parking spot; it includes sun fading brought on by years of parking a car outside and by the corrosion caused by humidity or regular rains. And speaking of rains, the super hydrophobic surface created by Ceramic Pro sheds water with amazing effect, so your Tesla won’t be marred by streaks or water spots that are unsightly in the short term and that can create permanent damage in the form of hard water marks over time.

Ceramic Pro protects a Tesla’s exterior from more acute sources of damage, too, such as graffiti or malicious scratches, spilled fuel, chemicals, or paint, or from the marks left behind by such frustrating substances as tree sap or bird droppings. People who own Tesla vehicles choose Ceramic Pro because it is a permanent vehicle exterior protection product that lasts for years or even decades with no maintenance required. And as Ceramic Pro forms a barrier that is so thin and transparent that it cannot even be seen by the naked eye, the formula has no impact on the appearance of your Model X, S, or 3, save for preserving its good looks.

Some Tesla owners don’t want to use a permanent vehicle exterior protection material on their car, and in many cases this is understandable. With the amazing protection provided to a Tesla by Ceramic Pro comes the fact that the coating can only be removed through abrasion. So if you ever wanted to have your car re-painted or vinyl wrapped or to have some other exterior enhancement or alteration made, the presence of Ceramic Pro might require additional steps prior to the updates and changes. That’s why using Clear Bra vehicle paint protection film is also a favorite move with discerning Tesla Motors vehicles owners. For a Tesla Clear Bra film can provide the best of both worlds: it protects the exterior of the car against many types of damage yet it is also fully (and rather easily) removable should the vehicle owner ever want to change the exterior of his or her car.

Clear Bra paint protection film for Teslas is optically invisible once applied. It will not change the appearance of the Tesla in any way, save for the fact that it will preserve the looks of the vehicle over time by preventing scratches, sun fading, water spots, and other cosmetic damage. Clear Bra coating can be applied over all painted surfaces of your Tesla as well as over the lights, bumpers, side view mirror housings, and more. Once applied, this protective coating sheds water, rejects or absorbs scratches, and creates a barrier between corrosive elements like salt, chemicals, humidity, and more. It will keep your Tesla looking great for years, but should the Clear Bra coating itself ever become scratched or scuffed, it can be removed as easily as a window film, revealing a perfectly preserved vehicle underneath. Thus while Ceramic Pro for Teslas is a great permanent choice for preventing damage, the fact that Clear Bra coatings can be removed easily is indeed a fine selling point. This is especially true should you ever want to sell your Tesla; with the removal of the Clear Bra paint protection film, the exterior car will be instantly restored to the same appearance as the day of the protective layer’s installation, meaning ideal re-sale value for one of these superlative automobiles.