Tesla Motors makes some of the most gorgeous cars on the road today, and people who own and drive a Model S, Model X, or Model 3 are rightly proud of their vehicles for their looks alone. But of course the sleek styling of a Tesla’s exterior is but one of the selling points of these cutting-edge vehicles. The fact the Teslas are 100% electric vehicles that are fast, efficient, and eco-friendly is the main allure for many buyers. But along with the great looks and electric power also comes an interior packed with advanced features and stylish refinements. Indeed as handsome as a Tesla Motors vehicle looks to those who see it driving by, it looks great to those seated in the cabin, too.

Like all cars, the interior of a Tesla is subject to wear and tear over the years and to acute damage that can happen at any time, and without proper care and maintenance, the inside of your Tesla’s cabin will end up looking worn and shabby if you don’t help preserve it. And what’s the best kind of care you can offer your Tesla’s interior? Preventive care, of course, because you don’t have to repair the damage that never occurs in the first place. If you want to know how to protect your Tesla’s interior against damage, you first have to know what are the most common sources of damage to a car’s cabin.

One of the most common and pernicious sources of damage to a car’s dashboard, upholstery, consoles, and other areas and surfaces is liquid. Whether it’s rain water that comes blowing in through a window accidentally left open or it’s a spilled cup of coffee or a leaking gym bottle, liquids left to sit on a surface of your car’s cabin can cause staining, rot, and other unpleasantness. This can even include mold if liquids are able to saturate down into a surface of the car’s interior, and mold must be removed for safety, a process that can require expensive and invasive abatement.

The most common source of damage to a car’s interior is not a matter of if the issue will arise, like with liquid, but simply of how severe it will be: sunlight fading and damage to the interior of a car’s cabin is almost an inevitability, and that’s true even if you park your Tesla in a garage, under an awning, or you use a tarp. After all, you still drive out under the sunshine all the time. The sun’s rays, and particularly UV light, will fade the dash and upholstery of your car over time, and can lead to unsightly cracking that will greatly reduce the resale value of the vehicle. UV interior damage is one of the most frustrating but common cosmetic issues a Tesla or any other vehicle out there faces.

And finally, like all cars, Tesla interiors are simply subject to wear and tear damage. The more hours you spend in the driver’s seat, the more the leather will fade and scuff. The more often the dashboard or center console is bumped or scratched by a travel mug, a phone, a briefcase and the like, the more it will show its age with scratches and wear.

Fortunately, the discerning Tesla owner can protect his or her car’s interior and prevent much of the aforementioned damage through two low-impact, affordable steps. The first recommendation we make to protect a Tesla interior is to have Ceramic Pro coatings applied to all of the interior surfaces of the car. Ceramic Pro offers multiple nano-ceramic coating formulas that create transparent barriers over everything from the leather to the plastic to the rubber to the vinyl surfaces of a vehicle’s interior, sealing out water, preventing scratches, and rejecting UV damage, and thereby sealing in the like-new looks of a car’s insides for many years as long as the coating is restored periodically.

Ceramic Pro Leather was developed expressly for vehicle leather upholstery, and it creates a super hydrophobic effect allowing the leather to shed water and preventing any drops that pool from soaking down into the material. It prevents UV damage from fading and weakening the upholstery, and it adds durability against physical damage like punctures or scratches. But don’t worry, Ceramic Pro Leather has also been carefully refined to maintain the soft, supple feel of your Tesla’s leather, and to preserve the elegant looks of the material as well.

The Ceramic Pro Plastic formula sells itself short in its name, for this coating can also be applied to any rubber surfaces of a car, including the seals that help keep water from leaking in through doors or around auto glass. Once coated with Ceramic Pro, your Tesla’s dash, consoles, door panels, and myriad other surfaces will be impervious to water damage and protected against fading and cracking caused by sunlight.

But we strongly advise our customers not to stop with interior application of Ceramic Pro for Tesla protection that will truly preserve the car’s cabin. Auto window tint for Teslas offers the single best way to prevent sunlight from fading the interior of the cabin. With window film for Tesla cabin protection, your car’s upholstery and hard surfaces will be protected from up to 99.9% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, and that means protection against fading even if you drive and park your Model S, Model 3, or Model X in the sun every day. Window tint also greatly reduces interior cabin temperatures, meaning more comfort and less drain on the batteries through use of the air conditioning system. And of course if you choose a privacy window tint (local laws permitting) then Tesla window film will add more privacy for the driver and passengers, too.

Working in concert, window tint for Teslas and interior protection from Ceramic Pro can stop cabin sun damage, prevent water damage, and resist physical damage, too, meaning that the interior of your Tesla will stay looking as good as the exterior of your car for many years to come.