BWM makes some of the finest cars on the market today, and the drivers who choose a BMW, be it a sporty M3 or a luxurious 7 Series or a family-ready X5 acquire a vehicle possessed both of exquisite engineering and stylish looks. BMW design is instantly recognizable, from the unique grills to the curve of the hood to the shape of the lights, and of course the styling of a BMW’s exterior is one of the major selling points of these renowned vehicles. But along with the great exterior looks (and the surplus of engine power) a BMW also comes with a refined interior designed to transport driver and passengers in comfort and style.

But the refined cabin of a BWM vehicle must be carefully maintained, for as with all cars, the interior of a BWM is subject to wear and tear over time and to sudden damage that can happen any time. Without proper care, the inside of your BMW will end up looking worn and even shabby over the years, which is not only a sad sight to see, but also hurts re-sale potential. So what is the best way to deal with interior damage to a BWM? Prevent it from happening in the first place, of course, because you won’t have to repair damage that never happened. If you want to protect your BWM’s interior, first you need to know about some of the most common sources of interior damage to cars.

One of the most frequent sources of damage to a car’s seat upholstery, consoles, dash, and other areas and surfaces are liquids. Whether the problem is rain that comes in through a window left open during a storm or spilled cup of coffee or water, liquids that are allowed to sit on any surface in your car’s interior can cause stains, streaks, and can weaken materials. Liquids can even lead to mold if allowed to saturate into a surface of the interior, and mold has to be removed for your safety in a process that can be expensive and invasive.

However, the most common type of damage to a car’s interior is something it’s basically impossible to avoid: sunlight. Sun fading and cracking of the interior of a car’s cabin is almost inevitable even if you park your BWM in a garage or under a tarp. After all, you still have to drive in the sunshine all the time. The sun’s rays, especially UV light, fades the dash, consoles, and the upholstery of your BWM over time, and often leads to unsightly cracking on hard surfaces that greatly reduce the value of the car for resale purposes. Ultraviolet interior damage is a frustrating but all-too common cosmetic issue BWMs and all other vehicle out there face, and repairing this damage is costly and time-consuming.

Finally, like all vehicles, BMW cabins are subject to everyday wear and tear. The more time you spend in the car, the more the upholstery will scuff and discolor. The more dashboard or door panels are bumped or scratched, the more the vehicle will show its age and lose its value, not to mention its charm.

Fortunately, the forward-thinking BWW owner can protect a car’s interior and prevent most of the damage discussed through two reliable, affordable steps. The first recommendation we offer in regards to protecting a BWW’s interior is to have Ceramic Pro applied to all of the interior surfaces of the vehicle. Ceramic Pro makes several nano-ceramic coating products that create transparent, resilient barriers over all sorts of surfaces, from leather to plastic to rubber to vinyl, and it seals out water, prevents scratches, and rejects UV light damage, thereby preserving in the like-new looks of a BWM’s cabin for years.

Ceramic Pro Leather was formulated expressly for leather vehicle upholstery, and this formula creates an amazingly hydrophobic coating that allows the leather to shed water and that prevents any drips that pool together from soaking into the seating material. Ceramic Pro Leather prevents ultraviolet light from fading and cracking the BMW’s leather upholstery, and it adds impressive durability against damage like punctures or scrapes, too. And don’t worry, Ceramic Pro Leather was carefully refined to keep the soft, supple feel of a BMW’s leather seats intact, and to maintain the elegant appearance of the upholstery as well.

The Ceramic Pro Plastic formula can indeed be applied over all plastic surfaces in a vehicle, but it can also be applied to many other types of material, including the rubber surfaces of the car. This it can help reinforce the seals that stop water from leaking into a vehicle through doors or glass, preventing water damage. Once coated with Ceramic Pro, your BMW’s dashboard, door panels, console, steering wheel, and other surfaces will be impervious to water issues and will be protected against fading caused by sunlight.

But we always advise our customers not to stop with an application of Ceramic Pro for BWM interior protection; automotive window tint for BMWs offers the best way to stop sunshine from fading or cracking the interior of the car. With window film for BMW cabin protection, your vehicle’s upholstery and surfaces will be protected from as much as 99.9% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, and that means amazing protection against solar fading even if you park an M3, a 6 Series, or a Z4 in direct sunlight every day. Window tint for cars also greatly reduces interior temperatures, meaning added comfort and reduced drain on the batteries and use of fuel thanks to reduced need for the car’s AC system. And if you choose a darker privacy window tint, then BWM window film adds more privacy for those inside the car, too.

Working together, Ceramic Pro and window film for BWMs offers interior protection that can stop sun damage, prevent water damage, and can even prevent physical damage, too, so the interior of your BWM will keep on looking as good as the outside of the vehicle for years down the road.