BMWs are celebrated for their exquisite engines and their handling capabilities. Rightly known as “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” a BWM vehicle — whether a luxurious 7 Series or a road trip-ready X5 or a sporty M3 — is always enjoyable and exciting to drive. The company has been in operation for more than 100 years (though they exclusively produced aircraft engines for the first few years, commencing motorcycle and automobile production in 1923 and 1928, respectively — still quite a long history!) and in that time has refined myriad aspects of their motors. People buy BMW vehicles because they love driving and want a car that suits their passion. But looks matter, too.

On the outside, a BMW’s exterior is sleek and attractive, matching the excellence of engineering found underneath the hood. A BMW’s exterior is also as much at-risk for aesthetic damage as is any other car, truck, or SUV on the road, however, from other sports cars delivery trucks to the family van. Whether you own a BMW 3 Series Coupe, an all-electric i3, an X6, or one of the other handsome production cars they make (or if you have one of the company’s special limited edition vehicles), you own an auto that you surely care about very much, and also is an asset that represents a sizable expenditure. Protect the exterior of that BMW from cosmetic damage by coating the automobile with a superlative vehicle protection material that can stop aesthetic damage and maintain the looks and the value of your BMW for years to come.

One of the most popular and effective vehicle care products available on the market today is Ceramic Pro, a Space Age nano-ceramic coating formula that will create a permanent molecular bond with your BWM’s paint or vinyl wrap, and that creates an ultra durable barrier blocking all sorts of damage. Getting Ceramic Pro for BMWs is a great way to protect and preserve the vehicle’s exterior against most of the common sources of vehicle paint or wrap damage. This includes the minor scratches and dents caused by bits of debris bouncing up off the roadway or that brambles that grow out into a parking spot; it includes damage from sun fading that is brought on by years of leaving a car outside and/or by the corrosion that’s caused by humidity, salty air, or by regular rains.

If you live in an especially rainy climate, the super hydrophobic effect created by Ceramic Pro coating will be of particular interest. This coating sheds water with amazing efficacy, so your BMW won’t be marked by water streaks or spots that can be unsightly in the short term and often lead to create permanent paint damage in the form of hard water stains that require specialized tools and solvents to remove.

Ceramic Pro protects a BMW’s exterior from acute cosmetic damage issues, too, such as by protecting the body against graffiti or malicious key scratches and from preventing stains or corrosion caused by fuel, chemical, or paint spills, or from the stubborn marks left behind by annoyingly common substances like tree sap or bird waste. Many people who own a BMW choose Ceramic Pro because the formula offers a permanent vehicle exterior protection solution that lasts for many years (the Ceramic Pro 9H formula is in fact rated to last for three decades in many conditions) with no additional coating maintenance required. And as Ceramic Pro products form a barrier that is so thin and transparent that it can’t even be seen by the naked human eye, the use of these formulas has no effect on the appearance of your BMW except for preserving the car’s good looks.

Some BWM automobile owners do not want to use a permanent vehicle exterior protection formula on their car or SUV, and in many cases that is an understandable choice. With the peerless protection provided to a BMW by Ceramic Pro coating also comes the fact that the protective barrier is indeed permanent, thus it can only be removed through physical abrasion, a process which also invariably impacts the auto paint or vehicle wrap. Thus if you ever wanted to have your BMW re-painted or re-wrapped, the presence of a Ceramic Pro coating would require additional steps before those updates and changes could be effected. That’s why the alternative of using Clear Bra vehicle paint protection film for BMWs also makes sense. For a BMW Clear Bra film provides the best of both worlds: it protects the outside of the vehicle against most types of damage but is also fully removable in case the owner ever wants to change the exterior of the car.

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Clear Bra paint protection film for BWMs is invisible once applied. It won’t change the look of the vehicle in any way, except of course for the fact that it will preserve the looks of the BMW over the years by preventing the scratches, solar fading, hard water spots, and other cosmetic damage that could mar its style. Clear Bra film can be applied over all the painted surfaces of your BMW as well as over headlights, bumpers, side view mirror casing, and beyond. Once it has been applied, this protective film sheds water, deflects scratches, and creates a rugged barrier between corrosives like salt, humidity, and more. It will keep your BMW looking great for years to come, but should the Clear Bra film itself ever get scratched, it can be removed just as easily as a window film, revealing a well-preserved vehicle underneath. Thus while Ceramic Pro for BWMs is a great permanent choice for damage prevention, the fact that Clear Bra paint protection film can be removed is a major fine selling point. This is all the more true should you plan to sell your BMW at some point; with removal of the Clear Bra film, the body of the car will be restored to the same fine looks as the day of the film’s application, meaning re-sale value retention befitting an Ultimate Driving Machine.