Window film treatments are a smart step for any homeowner or business to consider. Properly selected and applied window films can offer you myriad benefits, including (but hardly limited to):

  • Increased privacy from people attempting to look into your home with no noticeable loss of your clear view of the outside world.
  • Enhanced safety from attempted break-ins or vandalism thanks to specialized security window films.
  • A “green” and eco-friendly way to reduce energy consumption.
  • Greater protection during storms and/or natural disasters due to strong and shatter-resistant window treatments.
  • Opportunities for enhanced esthetic “curb” appeal thanks to multiple decorative window film offerings.
  • Protect Synthetic Turf from burning from reflection on your glass sliding doors and windows
  • Specialized anti-graffiti window film treatments that are harder to mark and easier to clean or replace than traditional windows alone.
  • Reduced energy bills thanks to reduced heat from the sun’s rays and more efficient temperature maintenance caused by better window insulation and heat rejections up to 78%.
[edgtf_progress_bar title_tag=”h6″ title=”Heat Rejection up to 78%” percent=”78″ inactive_color=”#eeeeee”]
[edgtf_progress_bar title_tag=”h6″ title=”Block Harmful UV Rays up to 99%” percent=”99″ inactive_color=”#eeeeee”]

With a custom window treatment job courtesy of WindowTintZ, you can enjoy just the right amount of sunlight for your home! No window tinting job is too large or small for us to take on.