Skylights are a great addition to any home. They provide plenty of natural light to your space. In some cases, skylights can provide too much light, too much heat, and over time the UV rays from the sunlight can fade your floors and furniture.

In the home pictured below, we installed Huper Optik Exterior Neutral 25%. This ceramic film provides:

1. 64% solar energy reduction
2. 53% glare reduction
3. 22% visible light transmission
4. 99.9% UV protection

Installing this durable film to your skylight will definitely increase comfort in your home and make the most of your skylight. This has a lifetime residential warranty and will not fade, peel, or bubble.

skylight heat loss
Before removal of previous window film
skylight window tinting
Film needed to be removed due to peeling and fading
skylight tinting film
After installing Huper Optik Exterior Neutral 25%
how to block skylight heat
Huper Optik film installed will not peel, fade, or bubble