Venice is an exciting and desirable Los Angeles neighborhood loaded with people, places, and things of all kinds. Daily life in Venice sees the town filled with longtime residents, LA residents from farther afield, and first-time visitors to California. Venice is home to scores of restaurants, retail shops, and other businesses of all kinds. Venice has scenic canals for which the area was named, the famous wide and sandy Venice Beach and the accompanying boardwalk, there are busy streets, quiet alleys, and everything in between. Venice is also full of stunning and unique homes.

Home Window Tinting in Venice California
Home Window Tinting in Venice California – Skylight Window Tinting

If you own a residence in Venice, CA, protecting your home is of the utmost importance for you and your family. Thorough home protection means ensuring the home is safe against break-ins and theft and also safe against the damage that can be caused by natural or manmade disasters, accidents, by civil unrest. One product offers your Venice home myriad safety and security benefits: residential window film.

In Venice, California window tint is often the best line of defense against a burglar intent on entering your home (or business). Security window film strengthens glass panes and prevents the glass from breaking into pieces and falling out of its frame when hit. A window coated with window tinting can be cracked and will likely require replacement, but it won’t become dangerous shards and the cracked lass won’t fall out of its frame. Not only will safety window tint prevent a thief from entering your Venice home, but it also keeps your family safe after an accident or severe weather event, preventing potentially harmful pieces of glass from falling out of the broken windows and causing cuts or puncture injuries.

Residential Window Tinting Venice Beach California - Home Window Tinting
Residential Window Tinting Venice Beach California – Home Window Tinting

The other major way Venice residential window tint protects the home is by blocking the UV light that causes interior fading and discoloring. Ultraviolet light discolors wooden floors, fades upholstery, linens, carpets, and curtains, and wash out photos, paintings, and other things you have around your home. Window tint blocks as much as 99% of this invisible but damaging light, also keeping you safer against sun damage that can even lead to skin cancer with protracted exposure.

Residential Window Tinting Venice California
Residential Window Tinting Venice California – Home Skylight Window Tinting for Heat Reduction in Venice Beach

Window film will also reduce the temperature inside your Venice home, blocking much of the solar energy responsible for hotter interior temperatures. When your home stays cooler thanks to prevented solar heat gain, that’s less power you will use and smaller electric bills thanks to the reduced use of the air conditioner and fans.

Home Window Tinting in Venice Beach, California
Home Window Tinting in Venice Beach, California