Residential Nano-Ceramic Window Fillm

Residential nano-ceramic window tint is one of the finest products you can apply to your home; it is arguably the best window film option in the entire residential window tinting category, and for several major reasons. The first is how well it works; the second is how well it lasts. In most cases, you can expect more than 10 or even 15 years to pass by with your ceramic window tint still in perfect condition.

Nano-ceramic window tint for homes provides myriad benefits. First and foremost, it blocks a large major portions of the sun’s infrared and ultraviolet light rays. That former means a home that is cooler and more comfortable and less expensive in terms of climate control costs; the latter means a home better protected against fading and discoloring caused by sun damage. When IR and UV light are largely stopped at the windows, your home is a cooler, safer place, and one that’s much more energy efficient, too.

Residential nano-ceramic window tint also creates a home that is more private by reducing the view into the residence from outside when the sun is shining. Yet this capable window tint will not reduce the clarity of the view out through your windows from inside.

The fact that sets nano-ceramic window film apart from all other window tinting products is as much what this impressive film does not contain as what it does. Ceramic window tint is free of the metals, and dyes used in so many tints. Dye-based window tint tends to fade and discolor over time, rarely looking good after a few short years. Metal-based window tint can affect the way various electronic devices work and may also discolor with time. Nan0-ceramic residential window film, on the other hand, will look as good in a decade as it does the day it is installed. The minute ceramic bits infused into the film don’t break down or fade, and they don’t affect radio or cell signals, either.