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Improved Privacy

Benefits of Tinting Your Home Windows


Frosted window film is a decorative and functional alternative to expensive frosted and etched glass. There are an unlimited number of film designs to match all styles of home dΓ©cor. Frosted film is also available in many colors and shades to highlight any window, door, or mirror.

  1. 99% of ultra-violet rays can be blocked, which results in a safer environment. Not only will decorative frosted privacy window film protect people from harmful rays, it will also protect home furnishings, such as couches and chairs. Interior furniture will not fade from bright light.
  2. Frosted film applied to shower doors, provides the perfect level of privacy in any house. This film is an alternative to hard-to-clean, bulky shower curtains. Bathroom film will not peel if the film chosen is high-quality. Frosted film allows lighting to enter the shower, which most homeowners need.
  3. Many homeowners have frosted window film installed to mirrors. In the bathroom, frosted film can give a unique touch to the edges of mirrors. In a bedroom or living room, frosted film can be installed to match the details in furniture woodwork or trimming.
  4. Most residential curtains and drapes required expensive dry cleaning. Frosted window film is washable and easily to clean. Simply wipe clean with a cloth and mild soap.
  5. Security is a must to any homeowner. Frosted window film can keep thieves from peering into windows, and from seeing the valuables inside. Homeowners can rest assured that expensive items, such as clocks and antiques, cannot easily be seen.
  6. Windows can be easily scratched or broken. Frosted window film can be purchased with a scratch resistant coating. Should the film be scratched, frosted window film can easily be replaced. Window film can also protect people from shards of glass if the window is broken.