Rolls Royce Ghost in for Full Vinyl Wrap

The Window Tint Z team completed a full color wrap for a Rolls Royce Ghost and tinted the windows at the same time, dramatically changing and improving the looks of this luxury automobile and helping the car match the style sensibilities of its very satisfied owner.

Vinyl wrap for Rolls Royce Ghosts

Vinyl wrap for Rolls Royce Ghosts or for any other high end luxury car proves once and for all that color wrapping for cars is not just about sports cars or flashy rides, but is in fact perfect for any vehicle type and for drivers of any age and with any personal style preferences. In this case, we applied satin pearl white vinyl wrap to this Rolls Royce Ghost and applied a demure window film that adds some shading and depth to the glass without making the windows so dark as to draw attention away from the overall appearance of the exterior. Satin pearl white perfectly suits a large, classy car like a Rolls Royce, but so too can a unique color change wrap like a carbon fiber finish or a metallic wrap unlock the full beauty of such cars.

Pearl Matte White Vinyl Wrap – Rolls Royce Ghost

And of course one of the best things about a color change vinyl wrap and window tint for Rolls Royce and other cars is the fact that these applied materials look great from day one and protect the vehicle for years and years. Vinyl wrap for cars can protect the underlying exterior from scratches, minor dents, fading from sunlight and damage caused by chemical spills, tree sap, bird droppings and more. If ever the vehicle owner wants, the wrap can be removed, revealing the preserved paint job underneath. As for window tint, this Rolls Royce Ghost will long enjoy an interior free from fading and damage caused by sunshine. The sun’s UV light can fade upholstery and cause discoloring and cracking on the dashboard, consoles, and other hardware. Auto window tint blocks 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, protecting against such damage. The window film on this Rolls Royce will also keep its interior significantly cooler and more comfortable for the driver and passengers, and the car will burn through less fuel thanks to reduced use of the AC system.

If you’re interested in a full color change vinyl wrap for a Rolls Royce Ghost or for color wraps for any other car you own, call Window Tint Z today to schedule a consultation. We can complete complete color wraps in a matter of days, and can finish most window tinting projects in a matter of hours. And know that the cost of vinyl wrap for Rolls Royce level vehicles or for any other car is a worthwhile investment, as wraps and tints help preserve the value of the vehicle over time.