Commercial Custom Graphics Perforated Films

Most people are familiar with graphic perforated window film, but don’t grasp the full range of potential this speciality window film offers. Custom graphic perforated film is the material used to coat the windows of busses or other vehicles that have advertisements or imagery displayed on their exteriors. From outside, the image appears to be solid; from inside the vehicle, you can see through the perforated window film with relative clarity.

Custom graphic perforated window films are also commonly seen on storefronts and shop windows and doors; they may be used as a temporary promotion for a special product or service or as the permanent method for displaying logos or store or product names and information. What many business owners and/or managers fail to realize is how easily these window films can be customized in terms of appearance and installation, and how durable and low cost an aesthetic enhancement and promotional opportunity they represent.

Installing commercial perforated window film with custom graphics, carefully selected colors and patterns, and other tailor-made details is much more cost effective than having a standalone sign produced and installed on your business’s exterior. And unlike paint or a physical sign, perforated window film will not block the view out through the windows or glass doors even as it renders them a promotional or advertising opportunity. With custom graphic window film, you will create countless brand impressions on those who pass nearby your location without having to dramatically alter the location itself in any way.

And while perforated window does not block the view out through windows, it does reduce the view into the business from the outside, enhancing the privacy of employees and patrons alike. When properly installed, perforated window film with custom graphics will last two to three years (or more, depending on the climate and wear and tear of the location), thus representing a lasting update to your commercial property.