Commercial Glass Film Finishes

Glass film finish window film for commercial properties offers a low cost, highly effective way to enhance both the appearance and performance of glass windows, doors, partitions, and other architectural features of a business or retail location. Glass film finishes can improve the way a pane of glass looks whether it is a single 2-foot by 2-foot pane or an entire glass wall of a lobby or office building. Glass finish window film can also change the way glass performs in terms of solar heat, privacy, and more.

Commercial glass finish window film comes in myriad designs. You can choose from striped, patterned, or faux-textured glass films, colored, mirrored, or shaded films, and from options that recreate the look of etched, frosted, or sand blasted glass. Installing window film costs a fraction of the price of replacing physical windows, and it can always be removed and/or altered later as needed, whereas an actual change of building material is a permanent alteration.

You can choose various glass finish window films of varied appearance that will satisfy the following criteria, but the primary purposes most commercial properties use commercial glass film finishes is to:

Reduce Solar Heat: Glass finish window films applied to exterior windows or skylights can block much of the sun’s warming infrared energy, keeping an interior cooler and less expensive in terms of climate control costs.

Reduce Glare: Window films applied to clear glass can block enough visible light to cut the harsh glare but still allow in plenty of sunlight to keep your offices, retail space, or other commercial property bright and inviting.

Enhanced Appearance: Glass film finishes can do for your windows or glass doors what new paint does for walls. From the windows lining a conference room to the wall of glass on an office tower, finish films improve the look of the space from the inside and the outside.