Smart Tint Adjustable Electric Window Film Installation

How Does Smart Tint Work

Whether you are considering installing smart window tint for homes, offices, commercial locations, schools, and beyond, you are considering using one of the most advanced, versatile window enhancement products ever devised. Using the a mild electric charge and the natural tendency of liquid crystal particles to fall into a disordered state when not under charge, this window film can switch from clear and transparent to frosted and opaque literally at the flip of a switch. When an electric charge is running through a sheet of smart tint, the many minute liquid crystal particles sandwiched in the film are forced into orderly patterns, creating a clear surface through which you can easily see in and out. Once the charge is removed, the liquid crystal particles enter a disordered state that creates a frosted privacy film that is handsome, that allows light to pass through, yet through which a human eye can’t see.

Smart Tint Review

To review smart window tint installation and function, you first have to understand that this is a high performance window film that does come with an elevated cost. But that cost is offset by the fact that your smart window tint can serve as the only window dressing required, removing the need for blinds and/or curtains thanks to the privacy adjustable electric window film creates. We’ll discuss the cost of electric window film in a moment, but to review smart tint application, the process involves cutting and applying the film to your windows in your home or workplace, then sealing the edges of the smart tint with an electronic grade silicon. This material can transmit a current and also acts as a great insulator and waterproofing layer. The applied panels of smart tint are connected via wiring to a switch installed in a wall, and from that switch you can then control your glass windows and doors, changing them from clear and see-through to opaque and private, and even using a dimmer switch or dial to adjust the level of transparency or opacity you’d like.

Smart Tint Installers

Window Tint Z is one of the nation’s premier smart tint installers for offices, businesses, restaurants, shops, and more. Whether you want smart tint installed in residential bathrooms or bedrooms for privacy, in dining or commercial locations for sun control and climate comfort, or in workplaces where conference rooms and offices sometimes need discretion and sometimes need to be open and literally transparent, we can complete your smart window film installation. Window Tint Z has all the tools, materials, and expertise to install adjustable electric privacy window film on just about any glass surface, from doors to windows to plate glass walls and beyond.

Smart Tint Cost Per Square Foot

Electric adjustable smart window film is not a cheap product; this advanced, high-performance window tint is, however, a great investment that lasts for years and that offsets its cost through energy savings thanks to reduced solar heat and the fact that no blinds, drapes, or curtains are needed for privacy. Also, it has plenty of inherent value thanks to the amazing control it gives you over your windows. The price per square foot of smart tint varies based on the volume of tint needed and the type of installation at hand, but for a frame of reference, for a standard residential window (one that measures about three feet wide and four feet tall, for example) the cost of smart electric window film would be between $600 and $700 for materials alone. The more windows you need coated with smart tint, the lower your per square foot cost will be, of course.

DIY Smart Tint

If you are wondering how to install smart window tint, our best advice is this: call Window Tint Z and arrange for professional smart window film installation. This is an expensive material, and improper DIY smart tint installation can see an entire sheet of the film ruined and wasting money. When we install your smart window tint for you, we ensure proper installation and we incur any expenses associated with the need for film that must be replaced due to application errors. (Which we have yet to incur, but we stand by our work!) Working with smart window tint requires expert installation and sealing knowledge as well as skills with electric wiring and hardware, and is best left to the professionals.

Smart Tint Installation

If you are interested in smart tint installation for homes, businesses, or both, contact Window Tint Z today for a free project discussion and cost estimate. In many cases, we can complete the installation of electric privacy window film in a single day, and we will completely remove all materials associated with the application process once the job is complete, leaving your property nice and clean and upgraded with one of the most amazing window tint products ever developed. Calls us today to learn more about electric smart window tint installation or to move ahead with scheduling your own project. You could be enjoying privacy or transparent glass at the flip of a switch in your home or offices later this very week.