The materials used in making high-quality synthetic turf grass is durable, which makes it tough enough to withstand the extreme weather condition it is often subjected to. However, it is not completely indestructible.

Artificial turf can be damaged by several factors, but its primary enemy is solar heat and the sun’s reflection from the windows. The heat from the sun that strikes the window is reflected back outside. However, this sunlight is sometimes intensified, and it gets so hot that it can cause your synthetic grass to melt.

Damage from solar reflections can be seen through the spots on your synthetic turf lawn which often looks like withered and dead grass. It is also not pleasant to look at, which is why protecting your turf is important. One of the ideal ways to do this is to use a turf guard window film.

What Is a Turf Guard Window Film?

The turf guard window film is not your ordinary window film. It can protect your home without giving off a harmful glare that can damage your synthetic turf. In short, turf guard window film is both a security film for your home and a safety film for your turf.

A turf guard window film doesn’t have a reflective factor like the mirror-like surface you can find in most window films. Therefore, when the sun’s heat hits the windows, there wouldn’t be any reflection process that intensifies the heat which can melt the synthetic grass.

Installing a tint guard can provide you with an effective way of keeping your artificial turf grass as green and beautiful as ever. You can say goodbye to any brown patches on your turf when you use a film guard.

Other Benefits of Turf Guard Window Films

Aside from being a sungard tint for your turf, there are a lot of benefits to using turf-friendly window films.

  • It Won’t Dim the Interior of the House

There are other ways to protect your synthetic turf from the glare of the sun, such as by using window screens or blinds that can cut the reflection. However, these options will also cut the natural lighting of the interior, making your house dim inside. This problem won’t happen when you use a window film for turf.

  • It Adds Privacy to Your Home

Using window film to protect your turf can also help you protect your home from prying eyes. Its tinted surface can provide some degree of privacy.

There are a lot of benefits from having turf guard window films for your home and your turf. Find the ideal turf guard window solution for you now.