With standard glass windows, sunlight reflection rarely causes issues. However, with highly reflective windows designed to reduce solar heat gain inside a property, the sunlight that is rejected and bounced away can become highly concentrated and super heated, leading to property damage and legal issues, most commonly in the form of melted vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding Melting Solution
Vinyl Siding Melting Solution – Stop Window Reflection from Melting Vinyl Siding with Turf Guard Window Film

Low-E windows reflect much more sunlight than standard windows, and this light has to go somewhere. When it is magnified into a small space, the reflected light can grow hot enough to inflict serious damage on a range of materials and surfaces. These effects are made all the more intense when the reflective windows in question are also double paned. Quite often the outer pane of a double pane window will become slightly concave over time, and this gently curved glass surface creates intense sunlight reflection.

Window reflection melts vinyl siding and can discolor and damage other materials as well, fading paint, for example. Another issue many people experience is a low-E window reflection melting synthetic turf and/or scorching natural grass. Window reflection can also damage patio furniture, play structures, and can pose a health threat to humans and animals.

Neighbors Windows Melting Siding
Neighbors Windows Melting Siding

Fortunately it is quite easy to stop window reflection issues. Applying Turf Guard anti-reflective window film to the exterior of a window ensures that the window will not create concentrated beams of light even when direct sunshine falls on the window. Turf Guard anti-reflective film causes sunlight to scatter harmlessly when after it bounces off the exterior of a window, preventing the magnified heat that can melt vinyl siding or turf and damage myriad other areas of your property as well.

Turf Guard anti-glare window film can also save you from the unpleasantness of a lawsuit brought by a neighbor should your low-E windows cause damage to their home or commercial property. If you have low-E windows in your home or business, you should take the proactive step of installing low cost, high-performance Turf Guard anti-reflective window film right away so you won’t face the possibility of damage to your home or business or to that of someone else’.

Melted Vinyl Siding Solution
Melted Vinyl Siding Solution – Turf Guard Stops the Window Reflection that Mels Vinyl Siding

This specialized window film is available in clear, white, or black colors. All variations allow plenty of visible light into the home and will not hamper your view though the windows in any noticeable way. Yet Turf Guard anti-glare window film will stop your windows from creating dangerous, damaging rays of concentrated sunlight.