I found this place on yelp and i took my 2018 Toyota Camry here to get all my windows tinted and they were GREAT! Had an appointment at 3pm showed up at 240pm and was done by 320pm. Yes it was a rainy day and they weren’t busy so i got lucky! 🙂 Daniel explained all the prices and different types of tints they had. Super easy and well explained. Straight down to the point. We ended up getting the 3M non ceramic film. They have a pretty cool little waiting area with coffee and snacks you can eat. Along with a flat screen TV. The waiting area is right next to the guys working on your car which is pretty cool cause you can see what there doing and how they install your tint. Once they were done Daniel explained what you shouldn’t do like roll down your windows etc… That was it! My car looks great! I seen a bubble in the back passenger side but then again they just put them on so ima wait a week to see how it turns out but they give you lifetime warranty so it can be fixed. UPDATE: bubble was fixed! 🙂 Other than that this place made me feel comfortable to come back with any issues and they’d take care of it hassle free. I also got a GREAT DEAL on all my windows so i was super happy about that! AND A FREE T-SHIRT! I’d recommend this place to anyone that needs tint! Small garage, PHENOMENAL service, GREAT PRICES.


Yelp Review from Nathaly C. of Los Angeles, California
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